Direct Mail Success Story

SDA Tires Brings in 200 Customers

Direct Mail Solution provided by Cactus Mailing:

For each mailing Cactus Mailing provides a business mailing list of auto repair & tire shops and auto dealers within a 20-30 mile radius of the distribution center (between 1000 and 2500 addresses). Each business is sent a 4×6 size postcard inviting them to an open house. The card includes the who, what, when and where about the open house and also lists the well-known brands of tires they offer.


New Customers

Client Testimonial

“Cactus Mailing Company sending postcards for us has been a huge asset in gaining new business and they have helped us reach customers we normally wouldn’t have any contact with. We have gained over 200 new customers and the mailers are still generating revenue. The postcards look so professional and it makes us proud to walk into a customer’s shop and see our postcard pinned up by the shop phone. People hang on to this type of marketing piece – just yesterday we had a new customer show up with the card to open an account. Cactus Mailing Company, without a doubt, has helped us increase our business.”
John “Doc” Pilotte, Director of Marketing

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