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Postcard Marketing Success For Local Businesses

Does 450% return on investment, 22k in revenue, or 1,000 new customers sound good to you?

That’s what I thought! Direct mail marketing can achieve some amazing results for local businesses. But while it’s no easy task, we have some simple tips to local marketing the right way!

1. Choose the format that fits your business

There is no need to bust your marketing budget. Direct mail marketing postcards come in different sizes to meet any need or budget you might have.

2. Choose the right offer

Make sure you’re offering the right content for your audience and your product or service. Offering $5 off something that costs $500 isn’t going to sell anyone. Everyone likes coupons – but they have to be substantial.

3. Urgency

Which one would you act on first: An offer that will be around whenever you’re ready to redeem it, or one that’s limited-time only and won’t last long? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

4. Personalize

Locals and regulars love to feel remembered. Personalize to your audience or even individual recipients, don’t do generic!

5. Test

The one-and-done method never works. You should send out postcards, see how they perform, and then adjust your offers, design, and strategy and send again. Your results should improve over time.

Know how we know those work? Well, we’ve used those very tips for many local businesses just like yours. Check out the amazing results they got!

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