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Postcard Marketing Success For Goods & Services

Does over 500% return on investment or 200 new customers a quarter sound good?

Yeah, that’s what I thought! Direct mail marketing can achieve some amazing results for businesses that offer goods and services. But it’s no easy task, which is why we put together some simple tips to marketing your business the right way!

1. Choose the format that fits your business

There is no need to exceed your marketing budget in an effort to get more customers. Direct mail marketing postcards come in different sizes to meet any need or budget.

For businesses that sell goods and services, Jumbo postcards – 6 x 11 inches – work particularly well because they really pop right out of the mailbox. You also might want to include bright, colorful images, details about the goods and/or services you offer, reasons to choose you over the competition, your special offer(s), testimonials, and contact information.

Along with the right layout and design, these elements ensure the greatest response rate and highest ROI. Mailing monthly to a residential list — narrowed with geographic or demographic criteria to define your best prospects — will build brand recognition and assure your message and offer are always top of mind.

2. Choose the right offer

Make sure you’re offering the right content for your audience and your product or service. A coupon for $5 off on something that’s $500 isn’t going to sell anyone. Everyone likes coupons but they have to be meaningful.

3. Urgency

Which one would you act on first – A no-expiration offer or one that’s limited-time only and won’t last long! It’s human nature!

4. Personalize

New customers love to feel like they’re going to be a part of something and existing customers love to be remembered. Try to personalize to your audience or your customer as much as possible!

5. Test

Send out postcards, see how they perform and adjust your offers, design, and strategy. Remember, even if your mailing were perfect, it may take several exposures for your message to sink in.

These tactics absolutely do work. How do we know? We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses like yours. In fact, why not check out some of the amazing results they’ve achieved!

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