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Postcard Marketing Success For Dentists

Does 57 new patients a quarter or $100,000 in new revenue sound good to be true?

It’s understandable – those are HUGE numbers. But, direct mail marketing can achieve some amazing results for dental businesses. Because it’s no easy task, we have some simple tips to marketing your office the right way!

1. Choose the format that fits your business

Larger-sized postcards – 5.5 x 8.5 or 6 x 11 – are most effective for dentists. They stand out boldly in the mailbox, with plenty of room to display:

  • Smiling images that make people smile back
  • Benefits of choosing your practice
  • Description of the products and services you offer
  • Contact Information
  • Locator map
  • Your special offer(s)

Combined with the right layout and design, these elements establish you as a highly skilled, personable professional, instilling confidence in potential patients. That ensures the greatest response rate and highest ROI.  

2. Choose the right offer

Make sure you’re offering the right content for your audience and your product or service. Offering $5 off a root canal isn’t going to do anything but make people think how expensive dental work can be! If offering a discount, make sure it is meaningful.

3. Urgency

Between soccer practice and piano rehearsal, dental appointments can fall through the cracks. When you mail once a month to all residents within your service area – or a more narrowly targeted group if you’re a specialist — your postcard will be right at hand when your prospect is ready to call. Urgency and timing is what it’s all about.

4. Personalize

Your current and future patients love to feel remembered. Personalize to your audience or even your recipient. You and your service aren’t generic, so refuse to participate in generic marketing!

5. Test

The one-and-done method never works. You should send out postcards, see how they perform and adjust your offers, design, and strategy.  Then send again and watch your results improve!

We know these tips work because we’ve used them with lots of dental offices just like yours. In fact, check out a few case studies!

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