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Pool Service Postcards: Manage, Mail, Measure, Repeat

Given its highly localized nature, the pool service industry is ideally suited to cashing in on the many benefits offered by direct mail postcards. Whether your business creates its own targeted customer mailing lists – or opts to purchase them from a reputable direct mail company – pool service postcards can:
  • quickly introduce a new business to the right clientele
  • promote themed and timely seasonal offers
  • keep your company top-of-mind until customers are ready to call in the experts
The fact is, the more exposure your business gets to the local market, the more likely a client is to think of you when they’re ready to have their pool cleaned or serviced. Every customer your company gains through a direct marketing strategy offers the potential for valuable repeat business, so it only makes sense to create a promotional plan that works. Consider basing your direct mail approach on these four marketing keystones:
  1. Manage your customer data
  2. Mail to qualified clients and prospects regularly
  3. Measure the results of your mail-out
  4. Repeat what works


Managing your customer data means collecting, categorizing, and maintaining detailed information about the people who use your services, so that you can continue to serve them better. It also means using this data to figure out who is most likely to need your services in the future. Not every pool owner is going to take advantage of every service you offer. But you’re apt to find certain commonalities among the ones who do – older clients, for example, or those with a certain level of income – that will help you to target new customers.


Repeatedly exposing consumers to your brand through direct mail is a proven way to help your company stand out from the competition. Not only do mail recipients tend to notice and read well-crafted direct mail postcards, they also:
  • keep them,
  • display them,
  • share them, and
  • are far more likely to act on them, than they are digital advertisements
Some trial and error may be needed to determine the ideal mail-out schedule for your pool-owner market, but staggered mailings are a great way to save on large-scale postcard printings, or to promote special offers, seasonal discounts, and irresistible blow-out sales.


Measuring the response rate of your direct mail campaign – in terms of leads and sales – is vital for turning your marketing investment into a win. When you understand the size of your gain in numbers – whether those numbers stem from an increase in pool service inquiries, or an influx of new revenue dollars – you can better manage your advertising budget, and effectively skew your promotional efforts.


For many businesses, testing the mailing list waters is a big part of determining the ideal:
  • frequency,
  • style,
  • content, and
  • recipient for their pool service postcards
A/B testing, or split testing, is a great way to experiment with two different postcard designs – or two different customer groups – to see which performs better for your business. Remember that your prospects are real people, with busy lives that are constantly changing. While someone may not have the time or inclination to follow up on your direct mail offer today, research suggests that as many as 80% of consumers remember the mail they’ve received within the past month. So, keep those postcards flowing!
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