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Pinterest Tips for Businesses

You’re a business owner, so your time online is limited – and valuable! Spending a few minutes each day to network on one of the most profitable social networks available to you is the best way to use your time wisely. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about Pinterest. When Pinterest first launched, you might have thought of it as “just another social network”, but in reality it is one of the social networks you need to be working with.

The tips I’m sharing today are small, but actionable, and will yield results if you have a powerful online voice – or even if you’re still working on that part. The most important thing to remember with Pinterest is only to pin things that others will want to repin! Don’t spam – nobody will follow you, your pins won’t be seen, and your time will be wasted.

1. Link your Pinterest account to other social media accounts, like Facebook. This step is optional – if you’re going to be pinning like crazy, your Facebook friends might will get severely annoyed. On the other hand, if you only pin a few things a day – and they’re all high quality – you’re golden. Linking your accounts will save you time, because you won’t have to publish on several networks – just Pinterest. The rest will happen automatically.

2. Add your Pinterest follow button to your website, fan page, etc. Get people to your Pinterest profile so they can follow you.

3. Only pin amazing stuff. That goes for your stuff, and everyone else’s. If the things you pin are low-quality, people will unfollow you.

4. If you’re selling a product, pin with a price tag attached. It seems that items with a price tag actually get more pins than those that don’t have them. I am not sure if higher-priced items do as well as low-priced items do, but it’s worth a shot. Try it out and see what works.

5. Use group boards. Group boards are a GREAT way to get your products and message seen by thousands and thousands of pinners, before you have that type of following of your own. If you can get invited to a group board that has over 100,000 followers, your items will be repinned so many times that your head will be spinning! On that same note, be careful what you pin to group boards. You don’t want to only be promoting yourself, and you don’t want to pin too many things. So maybe one a day, depending on the size of the board. Use your best judgment.

6. Last but not least, don’t be spammy. Nobody likes spam!

What are your best tips for using Pinterest? Let us know in the comments!

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