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One Direct Mail area you will NOT want to ignore

In the Direct Mail business we hear an awful lot about B2C. How to get the consumers attention, keep you top of mind, one key stroke away. However, a market you will not want to ignore is B2B. The power of B2B direct mail marketing is strong. Consider these ideas.

Business to Business

1. Micro Selling. With B2B you can have a very specific niche. You can reach out to the exact person who is making the buying decisions. With B2B it can often times be a numbers game.

2. Be a Personal Shopper. Since your pool of recipients is so much smaller take the time to look through data, stats and information on your prospective clients. This will allow you to send very tailored materials and make very specific pitches.

4. Just keep swimming. Very much like B2C, consistency is the key. You can have a one and done attitude. You need to be in it for the long haul. Look to build a real relationship with the company. Learn what their true needs are, how can your company fill them. And then did it over and over and over again.

5. Everyone loves a door to door salesman. NOT! When you take the time to find the right materials to send to your future client, they will be more receptive to that phone call or coffee. Don’t throw you marketing budget down the tube by not following up with those potential clients. If you have something they really need and want, you will be a welcome phone call.

Running a B2B direct mail marketing campaign is completely different than B2C. Cactus Mailing can help. We have specialized lists so we can get that brochure or postcard into the right hands every time.

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