Mixing it up with Social Media and Direct Mail: The How-To

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Social media and direct mail – they seem like two unrelated terms. It’s like a horse carriage and nitrous boost. Some would say that they can’t work hand in hand anytime soon and for a good reason. Direct mail is from a past generation of advertising techniques while social media is more of the “new kid” in the advertising block. Making them work together is like forcing water to mix with oil. Or is it?

Although it is true that they have come from different generations but using them together is not impossible and not useless at that. Using both direct mail and social media in their marketing efforts provided positive results to some companies albeit the popular belief. Truth be told, social media and direct mail complement each other and lead new customers into your business. But how?

Here are some techniques you can use in order to effectively use social media along with your direct mail campaigns.

# 1 Always integrate

Always remember that there are two different kinds of customers nowadays. One is the tech savvy customer who might have already tracked your online presence down with your social media pages and accounts. The other one is the regular human being who goes online but does not really bother to check social media out. These are the people who you want to target by integrating your social media accounts to your direct mail campaigns. This way, you will direct these customers to check out your online presence.

#2 Provide an incentive

Telling your customers to find you online sounds pretty easy but the challenge is to make them do it. The secret is to provide incentive to your customers once they found you online and interacted with you. You could provide them a discount if they follow you or you can provide giveaways through social media which they can only take advantage of if they follow you. Cactus Mailing has used this technique on our Facebook page.

#3 Timing is everything

Don’t go on incorporating your social media presence with your direct mail campaigns if you still can’t provide your new customers something on your social media accounts. Don’t lead them to a dead end. Wait until you have a “small community” on your page or if that is not possible, just make sure you can provide content to your new followers on a regular basis.

#4 Track your progress

While it may be nice to see results, it is always better to track your progress in order to see what you are doing right or if you are lacking in one department. You can be creative with your tracking model but the data you get will help you make better campaigns in the future.

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