Apartment Postcards

Every apartment complex manager wants 100% occupancy, with top quality long-term tenants. Direct mail marketing, especially postcards, can be particularly effective in generating steady interest from the type of prospective new tenants you want most.

What Will Have Them Calling or Stopping By?

Larger postcards – 5.5 x 8.5 or 6 x 11 inches – are generally preferred by apartment complex managers because they stand out well in the mailbox and provide plenty of space to include:

  • Multiple, colorful images of your property and units
  • Descriptive details about your location, amenities and lifestyle
  • Benefits of living in your community
  • Testimonials
  • Your special offer(s) such as free or discounted introductory rent
  • Locator map
  • Contact information

Combined with the right layout and design, these elements portray your apartment complex as the place to live, generating the greatest response rate and highest ROI. Mailing to every household in your area once a month ensures your postcard is right at hand when your prospect’s current lease is about to expire.

What Clients Said About Their Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Ben Nide, Property Manager

    “We have a received a ton of traffic due to these mailers! It has really helped us a lot. The Cactus Mailing staff has been very prompt and courteous. Our postcard design looks great and they are able to mail the cards out all over the city! The response is so great that we are ready to get started on another round!”

    Tricia DeSouza, Belleview Communities

    “We were initially drawn to their competitive pricing but we have continued using Cactus Mailing because of their amazing customer service and quality of work. The flyers we mail out are such great quality and the relationship we have with the staff at Cactus Mailing makes placing new orders so easy. The quality of printing for our brochures is amazing and I recommend Cactus Mailing to everyone”

    C. Fleishman, Hallkeen

    We have used Cactus Mailing for a number of our postcard mailing campaigns. What I like most is that it’s a one-stop-shop. Instead of buying mailing lists, and being responsible for mailing your campaign out, Cactus does the leg work for you. The postcards are printed on a glossy and heavy stock, and we’ve been happy the product and services that Cactus offers.”

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