Mailing List File Submission Requirements


It is very important that you thoroughly read the file submission requirements listed below and submit your files in accordance with these requirements. Files that are submitted incorrectly can delay your project and result in additional fees. If you have any questions regarding the file submission requirements – please do not hesitate to call us!

File Requirements

All file names must contain your company name.

Please submit your files at:

File formats we accept:

  • XLS, XLSX – Microsoft Excel
  • CSV – Comma Delimited
  • ASC – ASCII Text File
  • TXT – Text File
  • DBF – Database File
  • Wk1, wk3, wks – Lotus 1-2-3

Delete all columns of data not required for the mailing
Do not submit Excel files with multiple worksheets (tabs) of data
Submit one mailing list with all the addresses – if you submit multiple lists we charge $12 per additional list to merge the

Each data field should be in its own column
The First and Last Name can be in separate columns or in a single column.
The ADDRESS LINE (s) should be in a separate field /column.
The CITY, STATE, and ZIP CODE should each be in a separate field / column. They should not be in the same column or field.

Here is an example of a CORRECTLY formatted list –

NameAddressAddress 2CityStateZip
Jim Johnson1951 E Rita Dr ScottsdaleAZ85255
Steve Stine9021 E Paradise Ln#304ScottsdaleAZ85255
Paul Jones9021 N Greenway Rd#1044ScottsdaleAZ85255

Note: The SECOND ADDRESS can be combined with the FIRST ADDRESS LINE as long as it is CONSISTENT throughout the file.

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