Mailing Company Secrets you Want To Know Before Your Next Campaign

Mailing Company Secrets You Want To Know Before Your Next Campaign

It’s no secret that postcard mailing campaigns can do wonders to help grow your small business. You can get consistently good results. But wouldn’t you rather get consistently great results? Or extraordinary results? What’s the secret to this kind of success?

If only you knew what mailing companies know, you could put their secrets to use for your next postcard campaign. So let’s do a little digging and see what we can uncover in the way of valuable mailing secrets.

Secret #1: How the experts approach mailing campaigns.

Mailing company professionals take a holistic view of direct mail marketing campaigns, because they know each key element plays an important role in creating a high-performance mailer. Creative design, messaging and targeting have to come together seamlessly to present a postcard that is eye-catching, relevant and timely.

Secret #2: Details that are proven winners.

Because mailing companies work with a wide variety of businesses – including those similar to yours – they know from experience exactly which details produce the greatest response and the highest conversion rates:

  • How to concisely describe your products or services with emphasis on customer or patient benefits.
  • How to clearly differentiate yourself from competitors.
  • How to build credibility and trust.
  • Offers that arouse your prospects to take quick action.

Secret #3: Improving phone skills to increase conversions.

No matter how many secrets you incorporate into your next campaign, it won’t bring extraordinary results if you can’t convert leads into sales. A full-service mailing company can help you track calls so you can gather more accurate response data, and they may also be able to set you up to record calls. That way you can review them later to analyze interactions with prospects and learn how you can improve phone skills.

Secret #4: DO sweat the small stuff.

Does it really make a difference what size postcard you use for a particular campaign? Mailing company experts know the answer is yes. The best size depends on your type of business, your clientele and the message you want to deliver.

Does it really matter which images you use? Yes, again. Of course they have to be colorful and appealing, but experts know different types of photos appeal to different audiences. For example, if you’re a dentist or a doctor, prospective patients want to see a picture of you — are you friendly and approachable?

The colors and layout you use matter, too. And your mailer has to be perfect – no mistakes and no cut-rate printing. Superior workmanship says “professional, reliable, quality” – all things prospects look for in a new business, whereas anything less says “shoddy and inattentive” — indicators your credibility is questionable.

Secret #5: Unraveling the mysteries of mailing lists.

You’d think this would be simple, but for many small business owners the process of creating a well-targeted mailing list can be baffling. You have an existing customer list, so as long as you’re sure the addresses are current, you’re good to go for campaigns aimed at current patients or customers. But what’s the secret to compiling a truly effective prospecting list?

You know you can rent or buy a list and that there potentially numerous selection criteria you can use to create that list. But therein lies the problem. Should you go with this, or that? Are you narrowing your list too much? Not enough? And what’s the deal with this Every Door Direct Mail program? The post office says it’s really inexpensive, which is always a plus when your budget is limited. But will it work for you?

Because nothing is more important than using the right list, the secret here is to get professional advice.

The best mailing companies don’t keep their wisdom a secret. They want you to get spectacular results and ROI as much as you do because it reflects well on them. With a double win like that, why keep secrets?

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