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Local Business Tip – How to Use “Place Pins” on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the hottest social platforms these days, being used by an incredibly wide range of businesses to promote their products and services and engage with prospects and customers. So here’s a local business tip: if you aren’t using Pinterest – and using Place Pins in particular – you’re missing out.

Place Pins are (you guessed it!) pins about a specific place. Each Place Board features an interactive map that shows the location of each Pin. Each pin displays essential details such as address, hours and contact information and has a “Learn More” button that links back to the business’s website.

While Place Pins have received much attention for travel-related businesses such as hotels or tourism agencies, Place Pins can generously boost virtually any Pinterest presence. For local businesses, they’re a match made in heaven because they are all about locale.

How can you use Place Pins? Here are 3 ideas to get your creative juices flowing. If you need additional inspiration, check out these examples of Places Boards.

Local business tip: Add reasons for people to visit you on Pinterest.

The real value of Pinterest isn’t simply creating and pinning photos and videos about your products or services and hoping others repin them. Creatively using Place Pins can turn your business Pinterest page into a destination for customers and prospects – a place for locals to find great stuff, whether it relates directly to your business or to the community in general.

Use Place Pins to create boards showing your favorite local restaurants, places to visit or community events. A bridal shop could use Place Pins to show great places to honeymoon.

Are your customers other businesses, or do they have a business in town? Creating a board that promotes them will build loyalty.

By sync’ing your Place Pin activity with your FourSquare account, you can link to your Facebook, Google+, Facebook or other social accounts to make sharing super-easy.

Local business tip: Collaborate with other businesses or your employees.

When you create a new board, you can choose “who can add pins.” By allowing others access, you can create collaborative boards with complementary businesses or even customers.

Create a collaborative board where employees can pin their own local “hidden secret” favorites. Team up with other businesses around town to create a local gift guide or a roundup of products and services that relate to whatever you do or sell. For instance, your bridal shop could collaborate with florists, spas, salons, wedding venues, etc.

Local business tip: Engage with your customers and prospects.

Pin ideas for clients or customers. Use social media or other means to solicit submissions, let fans and followers vote on their favorites and pin those to your board.

It’s easy to set up and use Place Pins.

You can create new place boards or revise existing boards to include Place Pins. Only the board owner can edit an existing board. Here’s how to do it:

  • Select Place Boards.
  • Select Create Board.
  • Fill in the blanks.
  • Make sure Add a Map is turned on.
  • Add Pins using Add a Place. Each one will display with a map behind it, you’ll select a city and Pinterest will search for that business at that location. Pinterest has partnered with more than a dozen major websites such as FourSquare and UrbanSpoon, so if the place you’re searching for is listed on any of them, the system will automatically find it. If it doesn’t find the right business, use the Places Near drop-down menu to try another search.

To convert an existing board, simply click Edit on the board and activate Add a Map. Pinterest will automatically search for location information for all Pins currently on that board. If it doesn’t find one, click “Map this Pin.”

What Pinterest Place Board will you create first?

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