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Let’s Make A Deal

How important is putting an offer on your mailer? If you are looking to generate sales/calls/leads, etc… it is extremely important. People are being inundated with marketing messages all the time. What stands you apart from the rest? Your offer. Make your offer stand out – don’t hide it – be proud of it. Your offer is going to be what gets your phones to ring.

Here’s what people look for in an offer:

  • It needs to be relevant to the target market that you are mailing to – tie the offer to the main benefit of your product/service
  • It needs to be a strong offer. If you are selling something for $50 and your offer is $1 off – not very compelling
  • It needs to have a sense of urgency – give your offer a deadline – no one wants to miss out on a good deal

Give them an offer they can’t refuse – and your phone will be ringing off the hook!

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