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Keeping Your Small Business Marketing Simple With Postcard Mailing

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simplify a few things in your life? Get a bigger return on the time and effort – not to mention money – you put into building your business?

There’s a reason small business owners have turned to postcard mailing as a staple for marketing, for decades. Postcards offer that elusive simplicity you long for, yet they can be amazingly effective. Plus they are very affordable. In many ways, postcard mailing is a local business owner’s dream come true.

Postcards can be your #1 go-to marketing resource. Whereas many forms of traditional advertising are in-your-face, annoying interruptions – unwanted and irrelevant – postcards stand out as a friendly overture in each recipient’s mailbox.

The minute your prospect sees your postcard, they’re intrigued. What’s this? Captivated. Hey, this is great! I’ve been meaning to check out that restaurant (or needing a new dentist or pool service)…” You have instantly made a new friend for your business and invited them – irresistibly – to respond to your excellent offer.

How does postcard mailing simplify your marketing?


You can deliver your message straight into the hands of your target audience. That might be a broadly diverse group – say, if you’re promoting the grand opening of a restaurant — in which case you can mail to every address in the area. Or you can use any number of selection criteria to deliver your mailing only to those who need your services – homeowners with pools, for example.


A postcard mailing is fast to produce, so you can reach prospects quickly and start generating response right away. With repeat mailings – the cornerstone of any marketing success – you’ll reinforce name familiarity and stay in front of prospects till they’re ready to buy.


Use postcards year round to bring yourself a steady influx of new customers. Or use them to:

  • Promote seasonal activities or other specific campaigns.
  • Encourage repeat business from certain segments within your target audience.
  • To win back former patients, clients, diners or shoppers.
  • Boost your multi-channel marketing strategy.

Want maximum simplicity? Get some help.

One thing new business owners quickly learn is that it’s impossible to do it all yourself. It’s tempting to try, because at first glance it seems you can save money by not paying for outside help. But your time has huge value – especially if your business is small with few (or no) employees. The more time you spend on things someone else could be doing, the less time there is left to devote to the things only you can do. Your time “savings” are self-defeating.

There is no question you need ongoing, effective marketing to introduce and grow your business. Along with having a good product and keeping your financials in order, it’s one of the key elements of managing a successful small business. But marketing is not your “mission” – the reason you’re in business. Big companies outsource important non-core work, and you should, too.

Postcard mailings may be simplicity itself compared to most other types of marketing, but you still have to know what you’re doing to take full advantage of their versatility and get the strongest return on your investment. You need professional expertise. Teaming up with a knowledgeable professional actually brings you multiple benefits – greater expertise, greater efficiency, better and more timely results.

A full-service direct mail company experienced in working with businesses like yours can keep you from making common mistakes that could delay your mailing or derail your message. They’ll help you pinpoint the right mailing list, design attention-grabbing details, identify the most productive offers and explain how you can easily track response and calculate earned revenue, ROI and customer lifetime value from your mailings.

Postcards have everything it takes to keep your small business marketing simple. And postcard mailings work. How simple is that?

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