Keep Your Postcard Content Simple


Our Blog theme for January is “Preparing Your 2014 Direct Mail Campaigns”. Our Cactus Mailing staff has been researching and preparing to bring you fresh and insightful content. Let’s hear from Melissa, Cactus Mailing’s Graphic Designer.

Now that you have narrowed down the specifics of your direct marketing campaign, postcard size and postage class, you will need an eye catching design to pull it all together. When creating your design or working with one of our graphic designers, remember, Keep It Simple! Don’t place too much content on your postcard. Your mail piece will only have 3 seconds to grab someone’s attention so make those 3 seconds count!

So what content should you place on your postcard?

– A couple of good offers. The number of offers should be based on the size of your postcard: 4×6 – 2 to 3 offers; 5.5×8.5 – 3 to 4 offers; 6×11 – 4 to 6 offers

– Your business’ strengths and features. A bulleted list works best, saves space on your postcard, and is easiest to read versus a paragraph of content.

– Your contact information in multiple spots. Repetition works wonders!

– High quality graphics. A clear, well taken photo of your product and a high resolution logo are great representations of your company.

Your content is ready, what is the next step?

Ensure that your design layout uses a clear and easy to read font and that the design itself has a good balance of white or negative space. Don’t cram all of your content on one side of the postcard. Remember, there are two sides. Most importantly, let your designer take charge, do their thing and keep it simple!

Still need a designer?

Call and speak to your sales representative today! The designers here at Cactus Mailing are the best in the industry!

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