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Keep Business Booming Every Season With A Direct Mail Service

Direct mail advertising can be an excellent way to promote and grow your business. When you team up with an experienced direct mail service, you can make the most of every advertising campaign, assuring yourself the greatest response and also the highest return on your marketing investment. That’s the way to keep your business booming in every season.

There are only two ways to grow your business. You can increase the number of customers or patients or clients you serve, and you can increase the total amount of revenue you bring in each year. Expert advice from successful professionals can help you do both by capturing seasonal opportunities to attract new people and sell more to your regulars.

Your direct mail service can share their insights.

They’ll help you explore your marketing options, including seasonal promotion ideas that have proven valuable for businesses similar to yours around the country. You can use seasonal direct mail to:

  • Bring in new customers when it’s most convenient for them. For instance, if your business is kid-oriented you can run a special promotion during the summer months.
  • Boost sales during slow times, by attracting new custom to “fill in the blanks” and by creating a “second season” for seasonal shoppers. For example, summer sports enthusiasts stock up on gear in the spring, so you could promote how-to videos or lessons for the indoor winter months.
  • Take high sales periods to the next level by cross-selling and upselling existing customers.

A direct mail service can help you develop specific types of seasonal campaigns:

  • Holiday gift sales, with a “treat yourself” theme or a traditional gift-giving theme. This can work well for virtually any type of product or service.
  • Getting ready for seasonal company. Whether it’s over the winter holidays or for expected summer visitors, your marketing can encourage customers to spruce up their home or their personal appearance to impress their guests.
  • Extend your sales season. For example, a yard or pool care service usually shuts down when weather gets cold, but you could build your shoulder seasons with early spring and fall clean-up specials, or promotions that encourage fall planting to get a head start on next year.
  • Promote your regularly scheduled discount events. Whether you do one big blowout sale each year or schedule more frequent seasonal sales, direct mail can be very effective to increase attendance and revenue.
  • Religious holidays. For churches, these special events generally happen at several points throughout the year, not just at Christmas and Easter. Encouraging people to join you for your most significant events encourages them to continue joining you year round.

Your direct mail service has everything you need to be successful.

They will remind you that it’s essential to promote your business on an ongoing basis because that establishes a solid foundation for growth. Regular, repeat mailings allow you to continue building brand awareness and familiarity with your products or services and to continue growing your customer base year round.

You can rely on them for:

  • Sage advice on when and what to promote, right down to the specific offer(s) and calls to action you should use.
  • Skilled design to create custom-tailored postcards that feature design details proven to generate the most response.
  • List-building expertise to ensure you’re delivering your message to the right targets, based on your goals for each campaign.
  • Professional quality printing that will impress recipients and help set your business apart.

Let them take the production details off your hands, too. They’re the pros, so you can be confident each step is being handled with maximum results in mind. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to spend your time following up with your booming business, season after season.

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