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If your marketing efforts have been missing the mark and offering little in the way of returns, direct mail postcards may hold the solution! The American Marketing Association tells us that marketing is any activity that creates and delivers value-purposed offerings to customers. But what exactly is value in the eyes of your clients and prospects?

The Importance of Knowing Your Customer

If you want your promotional communications to deliver real value to the individual, they have to contain messaging geared directly toward the wants or needs of your market. Direct mail postcards do that. And what sets direct mail apart from many other marketing vehicles is that it lets you communicate one-on-one with your company’s target audience.

Determining what’s important to the people most likely to buy from your business is a process unto itself. But any investment your company makes in scrutinizing the data attached to customers past, present, and future will improve the results of your marketing campaigns.

Value-driven advertising channels like direct mail work best when used in conjunction with initiatives like:

  • Customer surveys, feedback requests, and other communications designed to determine who your typical client is
  • Creation of buyer personas that summarize your customers’ needs, behaviors, and demographics
  • Customer segmentation programs that further define your target audience categories
  • Direct mail lists that let you reach exactly the kind of buyer these initiatives reveal

Failing to establish and communicate with a targeted market is like throwing a can of paint at a wall and hoping that most of it sticks where you’ve aimed it!

Direct Mail Postcards Work

Not only has direct mail consistently proven to be one of the most lucrative methods for reaching out to new and existing customers (especially when combined with certain digital practices), it provides a verifiable way to exert more control over:

Unlike campaigns that reveal little in the way of who’s receiving your ads – and what they’re doing, or not doing with them – direct mail postcards are highly trackable in terms of response rates and return on investment.

There are a wide range of successful companies out there, both large and small, that benefit regularly from direct mail’s focused approach. Isn’t it time your business hit its marketing target by exploring what they already know?

Here’s a simple and inexpensive way to get your toes wet with direct mail. Start paying attention to the postcards that come to your home. Better yet, get your personal name and address on as many direct mail lists as possible – especially those you consider relevant to your business. Notice how the designs quickly grab your attention? The most effective direct mail postcards in fact, will contain messaging that’s clear and that makes it easy for prospects to take follow-up action.

Direct mail works. When done right, not only will more than half of postcard recipients read what you send them, it’s been demonstrated that some 50% of all households make multiple purchases each year as the result of receiving direct mail!

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