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Is it True that Postcard Marketing is the Best Way to Market Dental Practices?

You’ve heard that dental postcard marketing is tops when it comes to promoting a dental practice. Perhaps you’re a bit worried, because you haven’t been using postcards as part of your marketing plan. Are you really missing out on something big?

In a word, yes.

Postcard marketing has been proven for years to be one of the most effective ways to market any type of dental practice. Dentists all around the country rely exclusively on postcards to attract new patients and keep their practice thriving.

What’s so great about dental postcard marketing?

Postcards are efficient.

They can bring new patients in your door and keep them coming back – more frequent or consistent visits produce better dental health for your patients and better financial health for your practice. Postcards are relatively simple and straight-forward yet packed with powerful messages – images that capture attention and details that assure prospects you’re the right dentist and practice for them.

If you’re new to dental postcard marketing, you might think postcards are too small to have much impact. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dentists especially love larger postcards – 5.5 x 8 or 6 x 11. There’s plenty of space to make an instant visual impression with your appealing photo and a headline that announces your persuasive marketing offer while also delivering a wealth of information about your practice philosophy and services, in just a few words.

It’s all right there in your prospect’s hand. Postcards get right to the point, and they keep making your point as you send repeat mailings every month or so.

Postcards are cost-effective.

If you’re just starting out, you need to establish your practice as quickly as possible. But you probably have a very limited budget. Well-established practices also need to sustain their population of patients, and that requires bringing in new faces as well as doing everything you can to re-attract lapsed patients. It’s an ongoing process of growth and renewal.

Why spend more on other forms of marketing that will be slower to take effect and aren’t likely to be as effective anyway?

Direct mail is highly targetable.

The best return on your marketing investment starts with sharply defined targeting. With direct mail such as postcards, you can reach exactly the audience you’re after. That might be everyone in your neighborhood or community, if your goal is ongoing branding and awareness of your practice – the sort of marketing that works well for attracting new patients. Or your audience might be much more specific – older, higher income prospects who may be interested in implants, or parents of children who will soon need braces.

You can create postcards that are distinctly yours.

This is critical. Successful branding and excellent response rates don’t come from a template, they come from quality professional design that says “you” all over it. The best postcards sell your practice by setting you apart from the competition.

Dental postcard marketing is measurable.

You can readily see that you’re getting results, but you never have to wonder about the bottom line because you can easily track response and your financial ROI. And when you do, you’ll understand why so many dentists consider postcards to be the best way to market their practice.

Although there are several types of direct mail, statistics show postcards are the best of the best. They’re fast to produce, so you can start seeing results soonest. They’re versatile enough to support every aspect of your marketing strategy, alone or in conjunction with other online and offline marketing channels.

No wonder so many dentists say dental postcard marketing is the best way to market their practice. It works, and they can prove it. Why not prove it to yourself?

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