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Incoming! Brand New Ideas for Church Postcard Marketing

The one thing every church dreams of is growing the size of their congregation. Sharing the spiritual side of life has been a fundamental tenet of church communities since organized religion began. Today’s churches have learned that church postcards can be an exceptionally valuable tool for inviting and welcoming new members.

If you’ve been using church postcards for a while, you’re probably in the market for some brand new ideas. So what’s new?

Thinking like a business.

Churches market for the same reasons any business or organization uses marketing – to grow and thrive. Church postcards are ideal for:

  • Attracting new members – not only do you want to grow your membership, you want to replace those who have moved on to another city or, perhaps, to a different church.
  • Winning back lapsed members.
  • Encouraging greater participation among your current congregation.
  • Launching an entirely new church.

It’s your message that sets your church apart from profit-based businesses as well as from other churches. Affordable postcards allow you to spread the word about your church as well as your religious message.

Mailing to a resident list – every household in a specific area – ensures your church postcards reach all possible prospects. Since you can’t typically target for religious preference and you can’t know who among your neighbors is looking for a new church, reaching out to everyone – and continuing to do that month in and month out – assures your message will always be available when they’re open to it.

Promoting the whole church.

Postcards lend themselves beautifully to long-term membership development campaigns and also short-term campaigns that promote your special events or special seasonal activities. Jumbo postcards, the ones that are 6×11 inches, provide plenty of space to describe your mission, display compelling and emotionally moving images and tell people what’s special about your church.

Many of today’s churches offer a wide array of services beyond their worship schedule. Extending an invitation to participate gives prospective members more ways to engage with you, and that means more ways for your church postcards to resonate with prospects. Listing all your activities on your church postcards also shows the full value of joining your congregation.

Tapping into neighborhood generosity.

Postcard marketing can help you recruit contributions for special needs. Are you planning a major fundraising campaign? Do you run a soup kitchen, a “clothes closet” for families in need, a daycare program or support a mission overseas? Why not include the entire community in a mailing to ask for donations or volunteers?

Driving traffic to your website.

As informative and inspirational as church postcards can be, many of your recipients may have questions or want more information. Including your website address along with other contact information on your church postcards makes it easy for people to help themselves.

Businesses look at return on investment.

Like businesses, churches have strategic plans for growth and development. Postcard marketing enables you to measure results against those goals. And since it’s easy to measure results, it’s easy to compute your ROI.

Money matters to every marketer, even more so to churches, where dollars are always limited. When you can demonstrate a high return on your marketing investment, your leadership and general congregation can see you’re making wise use of their hard-earned contributions. They’ll be motivated to give even more freely.

You’re not alone.

Many churches rely on volunteers to handle projects. But it’s not likely your office staff or volunteers are postcard marketing experts. Working with a full-service postcard mailing company makes it easy on everyone to create exceptional church postcards, and it ensures you’ll see the greatest response. You’ll get sound advice and friendly personalized service from a team of professionals who understand your budget may be limited but quality matters to your church.

Photo Credit: @stuckincustoms via Flickr. 

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