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Impressive Results…Sunsational Tanning

“I was extremely impressed with Cactus Mailing Company. I did my research on direct mailers and Cactus Mailing by far had the best all inclusive pricing. They were incredibly helpful, and quick to respond to every email I sent and made sure our postcards looked perfect! Turnaround on the mailer was incredibly fast and as a result, my inactive clients were back in my tanning salon within 10-14 days of submission of my artwork. Out of 7500 postcards mailed 955 people have redeemed at least one of the offers on the postcard – that’s almost a 13% response rate!”

~ Owner, Sunsational Tanning

About The Client

Sunsational Tanning company’s postcard marketing campaign printed and mailed by Cactus Mailing Company arrived at the post office in late March of 2013, and the first postcards were redeemed beginning of April. Of the 7500 postcards that were mailed out to their inactive client list, 955 have redeemed at least one of the offers (approx. 13% response rate) within the first month. The initial ROI from the POS sales (not accounting for the purchases they have made with Sunsational Tanning since or membership fees they have since billed for) was over 450%. The cost to print and mail 7500 postcards was about $2800, allowing Sunsational Tanning to experience an outstanding 24% expense to gross sales ratio. The sales revenue that the postcard marketing generated, both same day POS sales and the purchases made since, were sales that would have been non-existent because those receiving the offer were “lost clients” who had not utilized their service in 2012.

Goal for Marketing

Increase POS sales and reactivate memberships from inactive customers.

Direct Mail Solution provided by Cactus Mailing

Single mailing of 7500 5.5×8.5 size postcards sent to mailing list of inactive customers provided by Sunsational Tanning. Postcard mailing went out in early spring and had a beach theme to remind customers summer is right around the corner.

Postcard Marketing Results

Cost Per Mailing: Approx. $2,800 for 7500 postcards

Response: almost 13% response rate (955 out of 7500)

ROI: over 450% return on investment from immediate revenue not including monthly membership fees and future POS purchases

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