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How to Target Certain Age Groups with Direct Mail Campaign

If the products that your company is selling in your direct mail marketing campaign are targeted toward a certain age group, such as teenagers or the elderly, there are certain ways you need to tailor your strategy to reach these groups. Certain types of advertisement will grab the attention of certain age groups more readily than others will.

Here are a few tips to help you decide how to get the attention of your target customer.

#1 Use less color with an older audience

Younger audiences tend to respond to bright and vibrant colors, more readily than older people do. A younger customer is more interested in how good a product looks in an advertisement, while older customers are more discerning and look for facts and other qualities the product has before they purchase it.

So if your target audience is younger, use colorful advertisements with pictures and fewer words. On the other hand, use an advertisement with more facts and less clutter for an older audience.

#2 Include website information for groups of middle-age and younger

The internet has been around for quite a while. Everyone that falls into the age group of middle-age and younger has grown up around the net. If the target audience for your direct mail campaign is middle-aged or younger, make your website information more prominent on the postcards and brochures that you send to prospective customers. Integrating internet marketing into your direct mail campaign is almost essential to these markets, especially in this digital age.

#3 Use larger font and bold headers for older customers

As we age it gets harder for us to see. For products targeted toward an older audience, it is wise to make sure your advertising materials have larger font and bold headers. This will make it easier for your advertisement to grab their attention and be read by them.

With audience being more discerning toward what they like in this day and age, it is absolutely imperative that your advertisements hit their mark. This might seem difficult if you are targeting a certain age group but don’t know what that age group likes. Your best bet is to follow these tips and do your research.

Another helpful tip is to look at other ads and see what they are doing. Also, read a few articles on advertising psychology that focuses on age groups. Knowledge is power, and knowing how to target age groups is a powerful tool to help your direct mail marketing campaign become a success.

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