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How to Take Advantage of Bad Publicity with Postcard Marketing?

It can be really discouraging when a person or group publishes something negative about your product or service. It’s only natural to want to hide in your shell when someone tells you what a horrible job you’ve done on something. However, if you wish to run a successful direct mail marketing campaign, this can’t be your reaction to negative publicity.

There is an old saying that says “any publicity is good publicity?”, especially when you have none. This holds especially true if you are a new company and no one is talking about your product. If a person or group begins badmouthing your product or service, you can use their slings and arrows in your direct mail campaign to create heat for product and raise public awareness about it.

One of the more creative ways to use bad publicity to your advantage is to create postcards and brochures that call attention to the barbed statements. One of the most common uses of this strategy is to create a brochure that refutes any negative arguments and backs up those statements with facts. This strategy is most effective when an opposing party tries to use (seemingly) carefully thought out logic in their statements.

Other options open up if the opposing party is just throwing negative arguments at your company without any basis in fact. One of the more popular methods of using this kind of negative publicity to drum up product awareness is to create post cards making fun of the negative publicity in a silly way, or perhaps even joking along with the negative party, as long as the joke does not make your product look bad. Joking along with someone trying to make fun of you is one of the ultimate ways of telling your opposition that their words can’t hurt you.

If you are branching into the realm of online marketing, you could create a website or start an emailing campaign that uses the two strategies outlined above.

There are many ways that you can use bad publicity to your favor, other than the ways mentioned here with postcard marketing. Remember, in the world of marketing, you have to be able to roll with the punches and be able to move on. If you can’t, you should probably consider another profession.

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