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How To Revamp Your Direct Mail Postcards For The Audience In 2014 And Onwards

Direct mail postcards have been a local business marketing staple for generations. If you don’t keep up with the times, you’re falling behind the times – not exactly the most appealing marketing message. And the audience in 2014 is nothing like your father’s audience.

That means if you haven’t changed your approach in recent years, it’s time to revamp your postcards to make sure you’re really reaching today’s buyers, whether they’re shoppers, patients or clients.

Here are some tips guide your revamping project.

1. Start at the beginning.

One of the most valuable benefits of direct mail postcards is that they make a dramatic first impression on your prospects. A very positive impression. We all know a picture’s worth 1000 words, and your postcard is one big picture. No wonder you don’t need a lot of extra words to emphatically make your marketing point.

So think visual for 2014 and beyond. Choosing the best images for your direct mail postcard is something of an art, though – they need to be great quality and right-on relevant.

2. Think customer experience for 2014 and beyond.

Businesses have talked about “customer service” for years, but that has given way to a broader concept of “customer experience” that includes everything from the timeliness and value of your postcard’s offer to how you greet customers or your dental chair-side manner.

Postcards deliver information about your business – what you do or sell, etc. But they should also convey the look and feel of your business – what type of experience prospective customers, clients or patients can expect.

3. Think high-tech.

We live and work in a technology-driven world. Are you telling prospects you’re tech-savvy like them? At the very least, revamp your postcards to be sure they clearly display your website address. Even better, mention specifically how you’re using the latest technology in your business to benefit customers – offering no-pain procedures, using greener cleaning products, etc. Do you accept appointments or reservations online? Tell them!

Step up your “tech presence” by using a QR code that takes people to your online offer. And display testimonials from social media comments, online reviews, etc.

4. A fresh look and tempting new offer.

Postcards continue to drive outstanding response for thousands of local businesses, in large part because they make it so easy to send repeat mailings that generate ongoing results. But you can’t do the same thing forever without seeing a diminishing return. And the factors that prospects and customers consider to be the biggest benefits of doing business with you have changed over time.

If you haven’t recently revamped your postcards by freshening their look and content, you’re going to lose your audience’s interest instead of keeping them coming back for more.

5. Some things endure, because they should.

Bottom line results have always been your goal with direct mail postcards, and that requires both initial affordability and long-term results that bring you the highest possible return on your investment. Direct mail postcards continue to deliver on both counts, just as they always have.

However, if you’re only concerned with generating the next sale or attracting the next new customer, you’re being short-sighted. The companion piece to securing the best possible ROI is customer lifetime value, or CLV, because customer loyalty is the most cost-effective marketing there is. Postcards are excellent relationship-builders in addition to attracting new business.

6. Get a review from an expert.

A full-service direct mail company has a holistic view, so they can help you evaluate every aspect of your postcard marketing to determine where you most need to revamp and how. Best of all, they can manage all those details for you. Running your business is tougher than ever, and that’s only going to continue in 2014 and beyond. With a direct mail pro on your team, your marketing will be entirely modern, producing maximum response and ROI.

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