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How To Refocus Your Postcard Mailers to Help Convert More Customers

Small business owners love postcard mailers because they work – for so many different types of businesses. But what if you could make your postcards work even harder on your behalf? The more prospects you can convert into customers, the more money you can bring in and “convert” to your bottom line. That means more profit and an even higher return on your investment.

It comes down to focus. You have to stand out from the crowded marketing environment, both offline and online, and you have to especially stand out from your competitors. Your postcards have a lot of work to do. Refocusing your design, messaging and targets can strengthen your postcard mailers’ performance.

Conversion starts with attraction.

Postcards have special appeal all their own, but you have to build on that to capture maximum attention and motivate your recipients to look further. Every design element affects your postcard’s ability to capture instant interest and keep your reader’s eyes focused on you and your message. And since you can’t convert those who don’t respond, focus on boosting your response rate.

Effective design requires:

  • Dazzling graphic design that incorporates the colors, images, bold headline and other brief text most likely to grab your recipient’s attention.
  • A concise list of key benefits of buying from you.
  • A compelling offer that really resonates with your top prospects.
  • Timeliness, with a limited-time or quantity that imparts a sense of urgency.
  • A clear call to action that tells prospects how to respond.

Target your postcards toward those most likely to want or need your products or services right away. Make them a special offer that sweetens the deal, so they act quickly, and make that offer big and bold – that and your headline are your two most important points.

Conversion requires repetition.

Even the most amazing offer won’t inspire everyone to react right away. Some folks are more deliberate thinkers, and some may be interested but not quite ready to move forward. Keep them focused on your name and the benefits of choosing you by sending repeat postcards. For most businesses, one a month is a good schedule, though for short-term campaigns you’ll want to send a sequence of postcards a week or so apart.

Since postcards have longevity – people tend to hang on to them – you’re not only top of mind when they are ready to respond, your offer and contact information are readily available. By helping your prospects remain focused on you, you can convert more customers over time.

Focus on the right audience.

A fabulous postcard sent to an indifferent audience has no focus. If your products or services have very broad appeal, mailing to every household in the surrounding area can generate excellent results. However, if your audience is more specific, narrower targeting using well-selected criteria ensures you’re connecting with your most-likely buyers.

It’s a digital world now. There is no doubt that you have to engage with potential customers or clients or patients through online opportunities such as a great website, social media and email. However, none of these can reach out individually to prospects like postcard mailers can.

Sharpening the way you use postcards not only strengthens your ability to introduce yourself to new customers, it gives you a uniquely valuable method of reinforcing your other marketing techniques. When all your marketing is working well, you’ll be able to convert more customers.

Want the sharpest focus possible? Ask an expert direct mail marketing company to give you a “postcard audit.” They know what works best for every type of business, so you can take advantage of their successful experience and insight to create the perfect postcards, choose the most appropriate mailing lists and produce postcards that won’t quit when it comes to attracting and converting customers.

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