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How to Reach Football Fans With Your Fall Marketing

Football season is well underway, and it’s a hot topic. That makes football a hot tie-in for your fall marketing. And here’s the best news: football isn’t just for sports bars and he-man businesses. Women are a vital part of your football audience. Consider this:

  • 63% of females over 12 say they are football fans.
  • During last year’s football season, searches for women’s NFL apparel grew by 35% over 2012.
  • Super Bowl XLVIII had 44.9 million women viewers.
  • 20% of fantasy football players are women.

The fact that football fans are more diverse than ever means two things for your fall marketing:

  • Your business can tie in with football no matter what you do or sell.
  • You’ll have to employ your entire marketing playbook, to reach football fans and interest them in your fall campaigns.

Postcard marketing and social media are going to be your two winning strategies. Like running and passing, you’ll want to use them separately and together to generate the greatest response to your fall campaigns.

So what should be in your fall marketing playbook?

Google says searches are up for things like tailgating and Buffalo wings. That’s a good start, but you can be more creative than that with your promotions. Change it up, keep it interesting, feature your top players but introduce your latest acquisitions, too.

  • Decorate your business and create displays around football themes. Highlight products in that match your team’s colors.
  • Now that you know the score about women and football, design some winning plays such as football-designs for manicures and pedicures, team-colored hair or team-themed makeup.
  • Create a “nightly” campaign. Thursday night for pro ball, Friday for high school, Saturday for college. Got television? Invite your customers and prospects in to watch and shop during those endless commercial breaks. Hold a contest during halftime. No TV? Hold a “Tuesday night lights” special with different merchandise or menu items featured each week.
  • Football fans are addicted to video clips of replays and highlights. Post short videos of customers putting your merchandise into play at home or work.
  • Promote tailgating, with food, clothing, BBQs or accessories.
  • Promote football food favorites – reportedly pizza, wings and nachos – or create your own unique game day snack, meal or beverage.
  • Team up with your favorite college or high school players, marching band or cheerleaders for a poster signing, guest server cameo at your fall charity fundraiser, etc.
  • Create your own “Super Bowl” – with winning fall soups or anything else you can fit in a bowl.
  • Do a giveaway contest or drawing for tickets to a football game, or team up with neighboring or complementary businesses to offer an entire trip to an out-of-town game.
  • Do a referee-themed campaign – “you be the judge” – asking social media followers to vote on their favorite product, customer story, etc. Promote the contest with a postcard marketing campaign.
  • Twitter is super-hot among football fans, so tweet about how to use your products for fall.
  • Kids store? Offer faux tats or face painting of their favorite team’s logo.
  • Ask customers to share their game day rituals, superstitions or tailgate recipe, in-store or online.
  • Ask customers to vote for the “player of the week” among your menu or merchandise items by uploading photos taken as they’re eating or shopping, and hold a secondary contest inviting social media fans to vote for their favorite photo.
  • Fans are all about loyalty, so why not create a “season ticket” fall marketing campaign just for your most loyal customers, with progressive rewards based on the number of times shoppers visit during the fall, the dollar amount of their purchases, how many friends they bring with them, the number of referrals they provide or how often they share your social media posts.

Fall marketing and football are perfect teammates. What plays will you use to score some marketing touchdowns this season?

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