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How to Maximize Customers from Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Direct mail marketing campaigns that attract the most customers are well-crafted. They look just right, and they send the right message to the right people. Well-designed direct mail can help you build awareness of your business, generate leads, convert leads into buyers and keep existing customers coming back for more.

Whether your project is large or very small, your direct mail marketing should deliver maximum impact and create an irresistible desire to respond.

Understand your target audience to perfect your mailing list.

There’s no point in direct mail marketing to people who aren’t interested, so it’s critical to have an accurately-targeted mailing list. It’s relatively easy to compile a list of existing customers, and you can segment that in many different ways. When it comes to targeting new customers, you can purchase customized mailing lists or create your own with the help of a direct mail marketing professional.

Analyze your best customers to develop a target profile – perhaps more than one, since many businesses have multiple types of “typical” customers. Consider:

  • Basics such as age, gender, location and income.
  • Their likes and concerns that might affect buying from you.
  • Whether they’re interested in the latest trends and technologies.
  • Factors specific to your business or products – are they a homeowner? Parents?

This process might feel tedious, but it will save you time and money. When you can pinpoint the most-likely-to-buy prospect, you can target your mailing list more effectively. And that’s crucial if you want to maximize customer response. Even if your pool of recipients is smaller than you had anticipated, it will be higher quality.

Customize your design.

Attractive, professional-looking direct mail attracts more interest. Your postcards or brochures should reflect the tone, style and quality of your business. Custom design is especially important, to ensure your visual presentation consistently matches the rest of your branding and marketing. Direct mail that looks like a generic template says “ho hum” instead of “look at me.”

Don’t give up.

One of the basic tenets of successful marketing is repetition. Direct mail is perfect for that, because you can create a campaign that sends another postcard to your recipient list every month or so. This keeps your name and key selling points in front of prospects until they’re ready to buy, whether that’s right now or a few months from now.

Furthermore, experienced direct mail marketers can attest to the fact that response increases as people receive those additional postcards.

If it’s appropriate for your business, you can consider increasing impact by varying the direct mail format. Send a postcard or two to introduce your business or specific products or services, then send a self-mailer type brochure that elaborates on your key selling points and includes more photos. You can follow that up with additional postcards, perhaps using them as a coupon or to promote a limited-time offer to drive faster response.

Evaluate your results.

Study and learn, to continuously improve your direct mail marketing. How many people requested a catalog or called for an appointment? How many redeemed your coupon? What was the total revenue you earned from the campaign – or what’s the annual revenue generated from ongoing monthly postcard advertising?

The return you get on your marketing investment depends on income it produces. Even if your goal is generating more leads, eventually those leads have to convert or your business didn’t benefit. If you’re getting a lot of response but those people aren’t buying, that might indicate your offer isn’t attractive enough, or your postcard design isn’t irresistibly motivating.

It could also indicate your follow-up needs improvement. With a call tracking system that records conversations, you can listen in to determine if your phone-answering staff need additional training.

The more you work to refine every aspect of your direct mail marketing, the more customers you’ll attract.

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