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How to Make Your Customer’s Direct Mail Shopping Experience More Convenient

In an age where the internet is king, convenience has become more important than ever to the modern consumer. Because of this, marketers have had to work even harder to bring the “shopping experience” closer to the consumer’s home than ever before.

In the past few years, this has mainly been accomplished through online shopping venues. This trend has made many marketers wonder if there is still any more room for direct mail marketing in the modern marketplace.

The answer is yes. Direct mail marketing still has a large place in the field of marketing, however it is changing with the times.

Like online stores that have been around for less than 20 years, direct mail marketing has had to make customer shopping experience more convenient for them. There are many ways marketers who use traditional snail mail do this.

Integrate the internet into direct mail ads

Although the idea to mix an older form of media with a new one sounds like a nonsensical idea, the tactic has worked for marketers ever since the internet’s inception.

Snail mail marketers have done many things from including codes that customers can type into a website that not only allow the customer to purchase what the business is selling, but give them a discount, to something as simple as including an email address to contact the company.

The key strategy is to run an advertisement that informs the customer about a product and contains a simple way for the customer to buy that product online.

This can also be done the other way around.

Some businesses have used email to send customers resumes to fill out and see what type of products they are interested in, then the business sends direct mail advertisements that focus on the customer’s interests.

Send advertisements to customers that you know they can use

Did your customer purchase something from you that needs constant maintenance or might need ad-ons to make that item work better? Do you sell those maintaining or enhancing products?

Try sending your customer ads for those products. This is an age-old marketing tactic that not only has been proven to work but it also makes your customer’s lives more convenient. If the first product they purchased from you needs something done with it or needs a new part, they will know where to go to get it.

Even if a business does not sell the product to make the one they sell better, there is still a way that business can make money and make their customers lives easier. The business can offer to run advertisements for the business that sell the products that help maintain/improve their product in return for a percentage of sales.

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