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How to Keep Your Direct Mailing Postcards Out of the Trash

The last place you want your direct mailing postcards to go is into the trash – unless, of course, your recipient has already taken you up on the excellent offer delivered by your postcard. If your recipient’s response is “this doesn’t apply for me” or “so what,” you can be sure they’ll throw your mailer straight into the garbage. You’ve targeted the wrong group of people, or you’ve failed to make your case.

How can you make sure your postcard is always a keeper?

Pick the right design.

Using fill-in-the-blanks templates is of the biggest mistakes small business owners make in their marketing. Sure, you’re busy and anything that can save you time seems like a great plan. But when it comes to marketing, skimping and cutting corners guarantees your postcards will end up in the trash. Why? Simply put, there’s nothing special about them.

To attract customers or patients or clients, you have to separate yourself from your competitors – stand out distinctly – so prospects will see why they should choose you instead of someone else. Using a template automatically marks your postcards – and therefore your business – as completely average. You may have used a different photo or headline color, but basically your mailers look just like others your prospect has probably received. Not only is your postcard going in the trash, you’ve just thrown away marketing budget on something ineffective.

Custom design is the only way to ensure your postcards are entirely yours in every detail. Tailored for your business and audience, they are able to live up their considerable reputation for attracting attention and generating response. But every one of those details has to be just right. The best way to keep your mailings out of the trash is to work with a direct mail expert.

Pick the right direct mail company.

You want a company that offers comprehensive services and is well-established. Their years of experience working with small businesses like yours has given them knowledge and insight you couldn’t hope to acquire on your own. That’s why you team up with outside experts to help move your business forward. In this case, your direct mail pros can guide you through every step of design and production – the right way.

The more you listen, the more you’ll learn, and that will help improve all your marketing, not just direct mailing postcards. (That doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily want to take over all that work in the future – hiring experts allows you to remain focused on other aspects of managing and building your business.)

Postcards have unparalleled drawing power. People love to see them in the mailbox and can instantly see what they’re about. But that doesn’t mean postcards can work their magic all by themselves. With professional assistance, you can outfit them with the right information and a timely, relevant offer — the “meat” of the matter that takes postcards past eye-catching and transforms them into motivating sales tools. Without that, they quickly become a big disappointment, and into the trash they go.

Print quality sells.

And second-rate printing winds up in the trash. If your postcard has grammar or spelling mistakes or it looks anything less than professional, why would recipients assume your products or services or food are any better?

Finally, pick the right mailing list.

It’s easy to target direct mail so you’re reaching the people most likely to buy from you, whether your audience is very broad or more specific. If you don’t choose your mailing list criteria carefully, your postcards won’t resonate with recipients.

Your direct mailing postcards can be destined for the trash. Or they could live up to their promise – the reason local businesses have relied on them for decades to bring in a steady flow of new customers. Which will it be?

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