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How to Integrate Direct Mail and Online Marketing

Multi-channel marketing has always been a sound business practice. It stands to reason — the more ways you have to reach prospective customers or patients or clients, the faster you can grow your business. So you’re smart to consider the opportunities available when you integrate direct mail with your online marketing.

Direct mail can help introduce your business to new prospects, keep you top-of-mind with leads who haven’t converted yet and reinforce your branding. It is also an excellent choice to drive direct sales, through specific promotions, seasonal marketing campaigns or year round marketing.

Extend your reach and give your message a longer life.

Postcards, in particular, offer numerous ways to expand and boost the power of your digital efforts. That’s because they offer advantages that online marketing does not.

They are can’t-miss obvious in each prospect’s mailbox, instantly engaging them. They give prospects a “hand” – the physical touch that’s missing online but which can strengthen the sense of connection prospects feel with your message and your business. And they have staying power because people can hang onto them.

Here are some specific ways you can integrate direct mail and online marketing to grow your business:

  • Print a QR code on a postcard mailing, to drive traffic to a landing page on your website. Your offer could be entering a contest or downloading a discount coupon redeemable in person. You’ll collect your recipient’s email address in the process, so you can begin to interact with them one on one.
  • Include quotes from online reviews on your direct mail marketing, and invite recipients to read more (include a link for them).
  • Send postcards to targeted recipients inviting them to “attend” your webinar about yard care. Or download a tip sheet on how to choose the right family dentist.
  • Use mail as an additional channel to advertise special sales or other events you’re also promoting via social media, your blog, etc.
  • Create a win-back campaign using email and postcards to double the effect.
  • Always include your web address and social media “tags” in all your marketing.

Like online marketing, direct mail is targetable and trackable.

One reason postcards are so versatile is that you can mail them to every household in a given area or you can target your mailings based on any number of demographic and other criteria. So no matter how broad or narrow the scope of your audience, you can zoom in on them with direct mail. And everyone knows how tightly you can target digital marketing. No wonder they work so well together.

Another of the many great things about online marketing is the huge amount of data you can gather and study to learn more about the buying behavior of your prospects and customers. You can use that information to refine your marketing as well as your products or services, increasing sales and customer loyalty.

The same is true for mailings. You can track response volume, revenue generated, lifetime customer value and other important metrics that help you understand the return you’re getting on your marketing investment. You can see how and where direct mail is adding value to your online marketing.

Use your marketing calendar to identify direct mail “hot spots.”

As you’re planning your marketing seasons and campaigns, think specifically about how you could use postcards to augment your digital efforts, both to reach new prospects and to upsell existing customers. Remember that online attracts people deliberately searching for your business or products/services, whereas direct mail can attract people that didn’t know they needed or wanted you.

When you combine mailings with your online marketing, you can see exponentially greater results. Instead of limiting yourself, you’re using the power of many to reach, attract and convert more prospects in more places. And with a wider range of tactics in hand, you can be even more creative.

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