How to entice customers with Lawn Care Postcards

How To Entice Customers With Lawn Care Postcards

There are lots of ways to use postcard marketing to entice customers to your lawn care business. Lawn care postcards are ideal to attract new clients, sell more services to existing ones and even entice back former customers.

So how well do you know your target market(s)?

Postcard success depends on using a carefully-selected mailing list, based on who you want to reach – for instance, commercial facilities and apartment complexes or homeowners or a particular neighborhood.

Create a persona for each key segment – a stereotype of that customer in terms of age, income and other relevant factors – then make a list of their specific “pain points” (what they need most from you) to help craft special offers that hit home and selling points that explain how you can solve their problems, whether it’s saving time, improving the appearance of their yard, etc.

Differentiate yourself.

If you emulate or directly copy competitors, your postcards are advertising for them, not your business. You need to stand out, in the biggest way possible. Get help from your direct mail company to evaluate every detail of your lawn care postcards to make sure you’re getting maximum impact from each one. Your postcard has to look entirely different and clearly state why hiring you makes the most sense for your prospects.

Be sure to list your full range of services if you do more than “mow and blow,” to plant the seed (pardon our pun) for expanded sales. 

Be informative.

Include a lawn care “did you know?” factoid or tip or add the URL of your website’s FAQ page to your postcard. Direct prospects to your Pinterest page to see before-and-after photos or YouTube to see short videos on lawn care tips. Sharing helpful information reinforces your credibility as a knowledgeable and trustworthy professional.

Create seasonal campaigns.

Promote winterization in the fall, snow removal or other winter-specific services you offer, early spring tune-up and your early-bird summer special. This keeps your name in front of prospects year round, so when they’re finally ready to make their move your name and number are right at hand. It also helps remind existing customers of other services you offer.

Right now, you could create a mid-season campaign: “are you sure you want to spend the rest of your precious summer on lawn care?”

Create joint promotions.

Talk to complementary businesses such as arborists, landscape designers and local nurseries about creating a cross-promotion – buy X amount at the nursery and receive an introductory discount on lawn care services (and vice versa – sign up for season-long lawn care and get a discount at the nursery). Or co-host a workshop on choosing the best lawn seed or watering best practices and promote it via postcard campaigns to your respective customer and prospect lists.

Solicit and use referrals.

Use quotes from online reviews or testimonials on your postcards, or add a line that says “see our reviews on Yelp.” Create a “refer a friend” postcard campaign that offers incentives for both customers. Even the images you choose can serve as “silent referrals” because when it comes to lawn care marketing, seeing is believing.

Finally, answer your phone.

People understand you may be out in the field, but here’s the deal: if your lawn care postcards inspire people to follow up and they can’t get to a live person, they are not likely to leave a message. They will call your competitor. So your postcards have just created sales for someone else. If you can’t afford to hire someone to man your phone during business hours, answer your cell phone when it rings, be friendly (don’t act “interrupted”) and arrange a time to call back. Keep your word on that and you’ll have a customer for life.

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