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How to Create the Perfect Offer in Direct Mail Marketing

If you’ve tried using direct mail before then you might have read (or heard) the lengthy lesson about crafting the perfect campaign. There’s design, timing, and everything else.

But if you were to choose which part would be the most important one then what would it be? Let me answer that for you.

It should be the Offer.

Of all the best direct mail marketing tips I can give you, creating the perfect offer would be the most effective one to date. No other direct mail marketing tip can give you almost instant positive response other than a well done offer simply because humans are hardwired to ‘never turn down a good offer’.

With regards to how to create effective direct mail campaign, a good offer is central because it will be the star on your marketing parade. What is excellent design or proper timing if your prospective clients can’t see an offer that would entice them to take the next step.

You might be worried by now that what we are talking about here is crafting an offer that will break the bank. Don’t worry, we will not discuss anything of the sort. We just have to focus on the things that make an offer “perfect” in the eyes of your customers.

So how do you create the perfect offer using direct mail? You have to remember that an offer has two purposes in your marketing plan.

  1. To attract new customers.
  2. To reward existing customers and to guarantee future loyalty.

This means you have to craft 2 kinds of offers. Let’s start with the new customers. These factors should be present in your offers if you want to entice new customers.

  • High Value – You should remember that as new customers, you should give them a “reason” to choose you over the other companies. Don’t just focus on the monetary value but the overall value of the offer.
  • Low Cost – Customers love a good steal. Make sure you make them feel like they are getting a bargain.
  • Believability – If something is too good to be true then it probably isn’t. Don’t give away offers that are too ludicrous to believe in.

For current customers, you have to include all 3 factors plus one more thing.

  • Rewards – To ensure loyalty among your current customers, you should include rewards on your offers. This will give them the idea that you are appreciating them for being loyal to you.

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