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How to Create the Best Dental Postcard Marketing Campaign

Dental postcard marketing can boost your practice in so many ways, you can create an entire assortment of “best” campaigns. Start by asking yourself three fundamental questions:

1. Who is my audience?

Who do you want to reach with this dental postcard marketing campaign? Even if your practice is highly specialized, you have at least three target audiences for marketing:

  • Prospective new patients – people you can add to your practice to keep it growing.
  • Existing patients – people you can encourage to see you more frequently and buy more services. Marketing to existing patients is important to sustain their loyalty, too.
  • Former patients – people who you want to win back.

Within those categories, you probably have a variety of sub-groups – parents of children, for instance.

You may already have a mailing list for your selected audience, if they’re existing patients. Or you may need to create a new list to reach new residents in your community or some other specific group. You can promote high-end elective procedures to more affluent targets or kids’ back-to-school checkups to their parents, or offer a special discount to seniors.

2. What will I offer to attract their response?

The more tempting your offer, and the more relevant it is for your target audience, the better the results you’ll see from your dental postcard marketing campaign.

Why should people respond to your dental postcard marketing? People want to know what’s in it for them if they accept your offer. Though compact in size, postcards provide plenty of space to concisely promote the “motivating details” that back up your offer — benefits such as improved dental health that reduces risk of cavities or gum disease, a brighter and more confident smile, monetary savings, etc.

3. How do I want people to respond?

This is your call to action – what do you want postcard recipients to do next? Call your office for an appointment? Stop by your open house for a free gift? You’ll want to build in a sense of urgency, because a great offer is important, but if it’s time-sensitive, too – only available for a limited time or to the first X number of respondents – your results will be even better.

Your call to action should say “call now to receive your $50 off coupon” rather than simply “call for an appointment.”

Now you’re ready to design your postcard.

Do not be enticed by online do-it-yourself postcard creation sites. Yes, they can be fast and easy to use, but successful dental postcard marketing requires a campaign that’s 100% yours. One that doesn’t look or feel like every other dentist. Differentiating yourself and your practice will convince prospects you’re the right choice. And a postcard that’s uniquely yours will attract the most attention and bring you the greatest response.

Fortunately, it’s also fast and easy to get the real deal – a campaign crafted especially for you by a postcard marketing professional. They’ll guide you through the entire process skillfully and smoothly while you stay focused on your dental practice. You’ll get sound, detailed advice that ensures a much better return on your investment than you could achieve by guessing on your own.

And speaking of results . . .

One of the reasons postcard marketing is so popular is that you can easily measure your results. As you send repeat mailings, you’ll increase response for short-term campaigns and you’ll see steadily growing response for ongoing campaigns, month after month. It will be obvious you’re getting good results, but tracking the numbers allows you to see the revenue you’re generating and to calculate your overall ROI.

Every dentist needs a fresh supply of patients, to replace those that have moved away and to keep the practice growing. Dental postcard marketing has been proven to be outstandingly effective, when you take the right steps to create the best possible campaign.

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