How to Create an Effective Printed Brochure That Sells

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In the modern bowl of marketing mix, you will see various elements some considered to be more important than the other.

There’s the heaping serving of email marketing campaigns topped off with a sprinkling of strong online presence.

You may be focusing on the big and tasty parts but you may want to pay attention to the ingredient in the mix that adds that certain flavor that makes it extraordinary – the printed brochure.

Yes, the printed brochure targets offline prospects and it has to be effective for it to work the way we want it to. Thing is, coming up with an effective printed brochure is not the easiest thing to do. There are those who consider the creating of the brochure as a labor that entails blood, sweat, and tears and it is quite agreeable to a certain extent.

So how do you create a killer brochure? Is it possible to do without a thousand-dollar per hour team with you? Well, here are some tips on how to achieve that effective printed brochure to compliment your already working online marketing campaigns.

Tip #1 Plan it out

Don’t just settle with one or two people in the room to create the brochure. Let everybody who might have an idea regarding the campaign have a chance to chime in on the planning. This includes both on the planning and designing phase.

Tip #2 Define objectives clearly on the brochure

During your planning session, make sure everybody has a good idea of your objectives in creating the brochure. What do you want to send across? What should the reader do after seeing the brochure? How will they get hold of the brochure? Is it something you can give to everyone? Clarify these objectives among other things during the planning phase so you won’t get off track throughout the whole process.

Tip #3 Give each one a task

Your brochure will have different parts and it is best if you can assign people to a specific task that they have more knowledge on or on something they are really good at. This will speed up the process and create a sense of accountability for everybody.

Tip #4 Check your competition

It is always good to go and check what your competition has to say. Check out some brochures from them and notice what they are doing. Remember, check and edit if necessary and never copy.

Tip #5 Check what you put in

Avoid being too technical with your brochure and don’t do the mistake of cramming every bit of knowledge you have on 4-5 pages of paper. Make it as readable as possible while maintaining clarity and focus.

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