How to Convert a Direct Mail Postcard viewer to a buyer

How to Convert A Direct Mail Postcard Viewer To A Buyer

There is one simple way to convert a direct mail postcard viewer into a buyer: give ’em what they want. The right offer, at the right time. Of course that means you need to do a few things to ensure your postcard has the power to deliver all that.

1. Mail to the right people.

Direct mail postcard viewers will never become buyers if they aren’t even likely prospects, because they may not even give your postcard a second glance. The conversion process starts with delivering you postcard to people who care.

If you own a family restaurant or you’re a general practice dentist or a church, your audience may be everyone within a certain distance. More likely, it’s only some of those people, so the selection criteria you use to create your list become make-or-break important.

2. Grab their attention immediately.

The mere discovery of a postcard in their mailbox instantly intrigues people — “hmmm, what’s this?” — but postcards that convert have to reach out and insist that the viewer looks more closely.

Your headline should say it all. Not literally all, but in just a few words it has to make your key point so strongly viewers cannot resist reading further. Your images back that up, telling a visual story about your business that immediately resonates with your viewer. Now you have their full attention.

3. Tell ’em WIIFM.

You know, what’s in it for me? Your postcard viewers are already interested in your products or services – you know that because you wisely took the time to carefully select the right mailing list. So tell them why you’re the best choice compared to the competition.

Use bullets to concisely list specific benefits that set you apart. And include third-party verification that you’re the one. Memberships, testimonial or review quotes, product ratings, awards or professional accreditations all reinforce your quality and stability as a local business, building confidence to do business with you.

4. Tell ’em why now is the time.

Do that by extending one or more timely offers — timely in two ways:

  • It must be pertinent, tailored to your target audience so they immediately see it’s worth their while to follow up. This is just what they’ve been wanting or needing.
  • It should convey a sense of urgency. Limiting the quantity available or stating an expiration date will motivate viewers to respond right away.

Don’t forget a call-to-action that clearly tells them how to follow up.

5. Subtly reinforce your business value.

Your direct mail postcard speak to viewers in non-verbal ways, too, and these are just as important for conversion. The weight of the card stock you choose should say you’re “substantial.” The quality of the printing should say you accept nothing but the best, implying you hold the same standards for your own business. Customers or patients or clients can rely on you.

6. Repeat yourself.

No matter how compelling your direct mail postcard may be, not every viewer who is interested in your products or services is quite ready to buy. Marketing experts know that you have to keep making your offer till the time is right, and that means repeat postcard mailings.

Depending on the nature of your campaign and the goals you’ve set, you may want to mail monthly (to create a steady flow of new business) or weekly for a few weeks (for seasonal campaigns or one-time events). This enables you to build name familiarity and comfort level, so when viewers are finally ready to follow through, your business is top-of-mind and your postcard is handy, it’s easy to take you up on your offer.

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