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How to Boost Your Direct Mail Response Rates

Every detail counts when it comes to boosting direct mail response rates. You can’t just vaguely say, “this campaign didn’t work.” You want to know why it didn’t draw the response you were hoping for. Conversely, when direct mail marketing campaigns are very successful, it’s even more important to understand why.

You need to know what’s working best, so you can keep doing more of it.

There are multiple factors that determine direct mail response rates. You’re marketing to people, and people use emotion as well as facts to make buying decisions.

Whether they’re choosing a new dentist or a new lawn service, direct mail marketing that appeals to prospects in all the right ways generates greater response than mailings that only get some things right.

Put a professional on your team.

The single most-effective thing you can do to boost your direct mail response rates is team up with a full-service direct mail marketing company that has a superior track record and experience working with businesses like yours. They know everything, and everything matters.

With a single source, you have all the resources and guidance you need to increase your response rates and convert those interested prospects into long-term, loyal customers or patients.

What size postcard should you use? What should your headline say to grab the most attention? What pictures or other images will captivate people’s imagination as well as build desire for your products or services?

Did you know that details such as your choice of color, wording, the placement of information, even the font you use can have a profound effect on your marketing results? A pro knows that. They know the details that will appeal to your specific audience are different than what might work for some other business.

You might have a “good eye” and think you have a great offer for your direct mail campaign, but what if you’re wrong? Working with an expert will help you see things through your customers’ eyes, and that ensures your direct mail design will speak directly to your top prospects in ways that are most compelling.

Differentiate yourself.

It’s possible you have no competition, but for the vast majority of businesses, successful marketing has to make you stand out from the crowd. Why should prospects choose you instead of someone else? What do you offer that your competitors do not? Sometimes, it’s tough for small business owners to answer those questions. That’s one more area where a direct mail expert can give you great guidance.

It’s their job to help you generate excellent direct mail response rates, and they know what matters most to your audience. They aren’t just offering you an opinion, they have the experience to back it up.

Sharpen your mailing list.

The quality of your mailing list directly affects your direct mail response rates. The more carefully you target your mailing, the more likely you are to reach exactly the right people – your top prospects. Targeting is essential whether you’re marketing to consumers or other businesses. If your list is out of date, you’ll be mailing to people that aren’t there any more. If your list is too general, you’ll be mailing to people who don’t care. You’re wasting postage and production costs plus, predictably, response will be poor.

Once again, a direct mail expert can help you ensure you’re using precisely the right list to match your marketing goals, and that will definitely boost your response rate.

Track and learn.

You won’t know your response rate, or what kind of return you’re getting on your marketing investment, unless you track your results and analyze them. When you do that, you’ll be able to see in real numbers how better design, better differentiation and a better mailing list can boost your direct mail response rates.

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