The 4 Rs of Marketing and How to Apply That to Postcard Marketing Services

How To Apply The 4 R’s Of Marketing To Postcard Marketing Services

If you’ve been around the business world for more than a few years, you’ve seen dramatic changes in the way customers shop and make buying decisions and in what they expect from businesses. Today, it’s all about them. Savvy marketers know that, and they know how to apply the latest principles of marketing strategically to grow their clientele and bring in more revenue.

You can do that, too, if you understand and implement the 4 R’s of marketing. They’re called that because they are a modern-day version of the old 4 P’s (price, product, promotion, place) which guided marketing for decades. Whereas the P’s were business-focused, the new R’s are customer-oriented. Curiously, there are actually more than four R’s, because different marketing experts define them somewhat differently.

Let’s look at some of these R’s to see how they apply to postcard marketing services.

Right customer (reach).

We hear all the time how web-based marketing allows detailed targeting to help you zero in on the most likely prospects with your message. That’s a big improvement over traditional advertising that reached a very broad audience, most of whom couldn’t have cared less about your products or services. Postcard marketing also enables specific targeting. You can create a mailing list that reaches literally everyone, or use a wide variety of selection criteria to carve out a much smaller cross-section that represents your top prospects.

When it comes to customer segmentation, reach and relevance go hand-in-hand. With smart targeting, you can reach the right audience for each campaign.

Right message (reputation and relationship building).

Petite though postcards may be, they still allow you to deliver diverse content to your prospect, clearly and compellingly. You can tell them who you are, what separates you from the crowd of competitors, how they will benefit from using your products or services and why it’s in their best interest to act now.

Word of mouth takes on an entirely new meaning when you factor in online reviews. Your prospects are checking you out – what’s your reputation? — and they’re relying on comments from others to make buying decisions. Be proactive – quote your great reviews on your postcards.

Computing your average customer lifetime value underscores the value of relationship building with existing customers so you can re-sell to them, getting them to buy more or buy more often. Existing customers are also a valuable source of referrals.

Right channel.

Postcards are a channel unto themselves. No other marketing tactic offers the same combination of physical presence, instant allure and succinct call to action. That’s why studies continue to show the majority of people expressly like to receive direct mail postcards, no matter how else they prefer to obtain information about products or services.

And while postcards can sell well and continuously for your business, they are versatile enough to integrate nicely with other online and offline marketing channels.

Right time (recognition and reward).

Today’s customers want instant gratification. That fact alone makes it imperative that your postcard marketing delivers a valuable, relevant offer that instantly answers the question “what’s in it for me?” And when you impart a sense of urgency by limiting the quantity available or applying an expiration date, you’re speaking directly to your prospect’s desire to get what they want, right now. The right, timely offer rewards prospects for choosing you.

Repeat mailings build recognition – name familiarity and trust – while educating prospects about your business, products or services. That helps ensure a steady supply of new business.

However you count them, applying these R’s to your postcard marketing services comes down to 1 C – your customer. You’ll get superior response and increased sales when every detail begins and ends with them.

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