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How the Best Direct Mail Companies Promote Small-Town Businesses

The best direct mail companies are the ones that go out of their way to help small-town businesses promote themselves successfully. Of course the best companies work with businesses in mid-size towns and big cities, too.

What is it about the best direct mail companies that makes them so valuable if you’re small?

They bring to bear their own experience as a small business.

Nothing can replace first-hand experience in building a successful company when it comes to advising other businesses. The best direct mail companies are not necessarily the biggest. They may not be located in a town as small as yours, but they could well have started in a garage.

Because they’ve been there, they can easily understand the trials and tribulations you face daily, your need for efficiency in all things, your limited budget and overall lack of human resources. They know what it takes to grow your business, and they know you need a solid working partner, not a sales pitch.

They happily share the experiences of other successful clients.

Learning from others eliminates costly hit-and-miss attempts you might make on your own to promote your own business that wind up wasting time and money. You can skip the guesswork regarding all the details.

That’s a huge relief, because you don’t just wake up one morning knowing how to write the perfect headline or what else you should say on your postcard to promote your business. You may not know what offer to make – or even realize the crucial importance of including an offer to motivate your recipients to respond. You may omit a call to action. You might choose a photo that looks perfect to you but which a professional knows won’t have the drawing power you need.

Worst of all, you might use the wrong mailing list.

The best direct mail companies shoulder the weight, so you don’t have to.

Experienced, reliable advice is invaluable, but time is the most precious commodity for most business owners, and that’s more pronounced the smaller your business is. Superior direct mail companies offer a complete range of services from consulting and ideas through design, production and mailing so they can help you with every detail.

If you take advantage of all that help, your direct mail marketing projects will get done faster and more expertly, while you concentrate on the numerous other things that fill the days of small-town business owners.

They know direct mail marketing inside and out.

Anyone can sell you printing services or put up a website with a selection of templates you can download or fill in. But the best direct mail companies know it takes custom-tailored design to create mailers that stand out visually and make your business stand out from the competition.

No matter how small your town, you still need to draw attention to your business and establish yourself as the best choice for potential patients or customers or clients. Even if you’re the only dentist, tax advisor, shoe shop or carpet cleaning service in town, you still have competition from nearby communities or the big city down the road. And sometimes, small town businesses are erroneously viewed as less capable or more expensive. Great direct mail companies can help you combat those myths, presenting your business as top-quality, professional and desirable.

How can you recognize the best direct mail companies?

Not only do they offer comprehensive services, they willingly offer both general guidance and specific suggestions to turn your postcards into top sellers. They are friendly and attentive, treating you as if you are their most important customer – just like you treat your own customers.

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