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How effective are Direct Mailing Services for Local Businesses?

The point of any advertising is to introduce your business and establish ongoing relationships with prospects and existing customers that will keep you top-of-mind and motivate people to buy from you. Direct mail marketing, especially postcards, can be extremely valuable for local businesses.

You can ensure your mailbox campaigns are most effective by partnering with a direct mailing services company. With their expert guidance, every aspect of your campaigns will be highly professional – creative, polished, incorporating all the elements proven to work best for local businesses.

A comprehensive direct mailing services company brings you the same benefits you expect when you hire any type of professional services to help manage your business:

  • In-depth expertise you don’t have.
  • In the trenches” experience to know what works and what does not.
  • Efficiencies that come from delegating the details.
  • Retained focus on core business activities only you can do best.
  • Assured quality that makes your business look great.

Doing it yourself isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Yes, you could handle your direct mailings yourself. But most small business owners are strapped for time, so why would you want to take on more work unnecessarily — especially when you can team up with someone who has the expertise to help you create a plan of action and ensure that plan gets implemented in a timely manner?

The reality is that local businesses don’t have the resources to do it all in-house. You don’t have the knowledgeable people, the time, the space, the design and printing capabilities. You may not even have a properly targeted mailing list. If you don’t get all the elements properly aligned – and do a great job with each one of them – your mailing will fall flat instead of generating lots of excellent leads.

It takes both time and money to do all this yourself, and there’s definitely a learning curve. While you’re learning, you are not earning more leads and customers.

With help from the experts, you’ll get superior design and tactical advice. Their comprehensive services give you a one-stop partner, so you only need to deal with one company rather than several to get your campaign off the drawing board and into your prospects’ hands. You won’t even have to purchase and renew your own bulk mailing permit. You can have them handle everything, or just the parts you’re not comfortable with.

When you try to do it all yourself, you run the very real risk that your mailing will lose priority as other “urgent” business needs crop up – and you know that happens every day. Your mailing won’t be effective unless you actually get it into the hands of your targets. And effectiveness requires repetition, so you’ll need to be consistent about getting it done, month after month.

Choose the right direct mailing services company.

Just because a company can print postcards and mail them for you doesn’t mean they are a full-service direct mailing services company. Look for a firm that offers everything you need. They should be:

  • Well-established – it’s a good sign if they’ve been in business for many years.
  • Reputable – ask for references, preferably locally-oriented businesses similar to yours, and talk to those people about their entire experience – quality of workmanship and personalized attention as well as results.
  • Capable of helping you pull together exactly the right mailing list, so you don’t waste money mailing to out-of-date or poorly targeted names and addresses.
  • Focused on you – your business has to stand out from the competition, and that requires mailings that are customized just for your business and goals.

Successful business owners know their priorities. You can be more effective in every way when you focus on doing the most important things yourself and partner with outside experts who can do the rest. The better the direct mailing services company, the more effective your marketing will be.

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