How Dentists Can Use Pinterest to Promote Their Practice

How Dentists Can Use Pinterest to Promote Their Practice

Dentists have to get across two critical messages with their marketing:

  • You can trust me, I know what I’m doing.
  • You’ll like me, I’m not scary.

It’s hard to imagine another business or profession where prospective – and even existing – customers are so wary of doing business with you. Many people fear going to the dentist. They know you can help them, but they are looking for reassurance. Pinterest can be a particularly valuable marketing asset to allay those fears, because visuals have tremendous power to demonstrate your knowledge as well as your personality.

Pinterest isn’t just an online “scrapbook,” it’s a social sharing arena where patients and prospects can follow you and share your pins by re-pinning them elsewhere. By opening up some of your boards to enable patients or others to add their own pins, you can collaborative and engage with them.

Tell people who you are as a practice.

This is basic. Your foremost board should show what your practice is all about. If you have multiple types of patients, be sure there are pins ere that speak to each of them. This is also where you differentiate yourself from the competition. Introduce yourself (or each specialist in your practice) to potential patients with a link to a short video (or several videos). Pin photos of all your staff, your high-tech equipment, your comfy waiting area or fun kid-friendly décor.

Tell people who you are as a person.

You want to seem approachable, not just knowledgeable, so post pins that show what you do for fun, with captions about how that makes you a better dentist.

Answer questions.

Educate patients by explaining procedures simply. Infographics can be a good way to show the steps involved without being gory. Short videos are also excellent for this — pin a single visual with a link to YouTube. Pin tips on oral health — the right way to brush, foods to avoid, etc.

Build credibility and trust.

If you have won awards or other accolades, pin about it. If you’re quoted in a professional publication or the local newspaper (on a relevant subject), pin about it. Showing you go above and beyond in the achievement department builds authority and trust. Testimonials also provide independent verification of your competence or great chairside manner.

Before-and-after photos make particularly great pins to help prospective patients see “what’s in it for me.” Include a testimonial quote in the caption. Learn more about how to build trust and confidence around your dental practice.

Promote special offers.

Make them exclusive to Pinterest followers, to recognize and thank them for their support. Pin a QR code they can click on with their smartphone to redeem your offer. A QR code is a great visual because people instantly want to know where it leads.

Demonstrate your good-neighborliness.

People not only prefer to do business with people they like, they prefer businesses that support the local community. Show them that’s you. Create Places boards about your local community – that reinforces your presence as a leading local business. Create a board where your staff can post pins about their favorite restaurants, places to see, things to do. Pin about the charity you support, or a local event you sponsor.

Follow these best practices:

  • Invite engagement with boards where patients can post their own “special day” smiles from weddings, graduations, etc. or participate in a “pin to win” contest.
  • Cross link to your YouTube videos, blog articles, etc.
  • Use your Twitter handle on some pins.
  • And, please, no mistakes. Misspellings and other silly errors can detract significantly from your professional image.

Use humor.

Dental health is a serious business, but including cartoons or jokes can help humanize you and ease fears. Humor brings a smile to everyone’s face. And isn’t that what your dental practice is all about? Learn a few more ingenious ways to use Pinterest to promote your business.

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