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Email Marketing…Is It A Dying Breed?

When I say Email Marketing, what do you think of?

*That’s so 1990?
*Total waste of time?
*Right into the trash?

Believe it or not email marketing is still very effective, especially for engaging your past customers. But there are still some significant myths out there. The award winning email marketing agency, Alchemy Worx shares their insights.

7 Email Marketing Myths:

Myth #1: Consumers Are Drowning In Emails From Trusted Brands

60% received less than 6 emails per day from trusted brands. 40% of which received 3 or less

Myth #2: The Best Time To Send Emails Is 3pm On Thursday

85% of opens happen 2 DAYS after receiving an email but only 21% of purchases happen within 2 days of receiving an email. 32% of purchases take place 2 weeks after.

Myth #3: You Should Stop Sending To ‘Inactive’ Users After 6 Months

20% of your annual openers do so after being inactive for 6 months

Myth #4: Consumers Are Trigger Happy With The Spam Button

Less than 1 subscriber in every 2000 will mark an email as spam

Myth #5: If Brands Send More Email Consumers Simply Ignore More

Sending four emails in a month instead of one DOUBLES the number of consumers opening one or more emails, significantly increasing revenue

Myth #6: Short Email Subject Lines Give Better Results

Under 60 characters icreases your open rate
Over 70 characters increases your clicks

Myth #7: Email Ends Up In The Spam Folder Because Of Subject Lines

‘Spam’ keywords have little or no effect on ending up in the junk folder

As business owners you need to stay on top of what really works. But, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. You have to create email content that will grab your past and future customers attention. Take the time to craft your message and brand and then just go for it. The email that doesn’t get opened is usually the email that never gets sent.

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