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Direct Mail vs. Digital Influence for Restaurants

So you are the owner of a fledgling restaurant and you don’t really know how you are going to proceed with your marketing campaigns. You hear everybody else telling you to go online and get on with your digital presence with social media, email and other online whatchamacallits. But is that really the best way to proceed?

A 2011 study conducted by BIGinsight MBI shows that traditional media including direct mail and business postcards outperform digital marketing in several key restaurant metrics. The same study also shows that coupons given away through direct mailing services influence more people across all demographics.

Direct Mail Companies

If you try to talk to a modern-day marketer, he/she would automatically tell you to go and use the Internet for your marketing efforts. This is not entirely true all the time. Due to the nature of the business, restaurants are better off with traditional marketing. This is where a direct mail company in. They provide postcard printing and mailing services aimed to specifically target a local demographic. This is extremely hard (and costly!) to do on the Internet and with no assurances. According to another study by the NS Custom Studies on 2011, 46% of the advertising mail delivered on households gets read by more than one person. In simple terms, you are hitting 2 or more birds with one stone.

On a separate study by the same body comparing direct mailing services and digital influence, it shows that 91% of the all households take time to read their mail. The said study also tells us that 75% of households expect to receive advertising mail every day. Bottom line, households expect to receive business postcards and other similar direct advertising mail from businesses like restaurants and read them. These said household are also more influenced by the advertising mail they get compared to a social media page.

In the battle between direct mail and digital influence, there is a clear cut winner and it doesn’t involve people signing up with their email addresses. You just have to find the right direct mail company to take your campaign to new heights and to provide something new to your customers. Why not try Cactus Mailing?

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