Calculate Your Return on Investment.

Is your business targeting an audience in a specific area? For the best return on your investment, use postcard marketing—it really works! Postcards help you zero in on your audience, and have a high readership rate of well over 50%. Research shows that people don’t just read those postcards and throw them in the recycling bin. More than half of households report making multiple purchases every year as a result of direct mailers. Which means an outstanding ROI for you!

At Cactus Mailing Company, we know that direct mail works. We’ve been in business since 2001, and after millions of postcards getting proven results for over 17,000 businesses, we’ve grown into one of America’s largest providers of direct mail. We are specialists in postcards and have become experts in our niche. We understand that no two mail campaigns are exactly alike, so we design each customized piece for your business with your specific goals in mind.

Our mailing facilities are efficient and cost-effective, allowing for large and small batch mailings at the best possible price. You simply can’t beat our prices—just ask about our best price guarantee! We also have access to some of the best mailing databases in the industry, allowing you to zero in on your target audience based on demographics, interest, and location. Bottom line, we get great results for you. Direct mail works, and often has a better return on investment than any other marketing channel.

Calculate Your Return on Investment.
The single most important wording in small business marketing is ROI.

When it comes to small business marketing with direct mail everyone asks about response rates – But the fact is response rates don’t really matter. Direct Mail is all about your ROI and response rate is just one component in calculating your ROI.

The direct mail ROI calculator below allows you to run scenarios and see the potential ROI of direct mail for your business.

It’s easy!

Step 1. Select Your Mailing Type

a. Saturation: your target audience is everyone in a geographical area
b. Consumer: your target audience is based on demographics
c. Business: your target audience is other businesses

Step 2. Make Additional Selections Based on Your Business

If you’re ready to attract new customers and increase your sales with a postcard campaign service from Cactus Mailing Company, contact us now. We’ll provide you with a free, no obligation direct mail marketing plan that’s based on proven results and budget friendly. Are you ready to get started? Call us today at (888) 632-0961 for personalized service from an experienced direct mail marketing consultant!

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