Creating a Business Love Connection

This February we are looking at different ways to “Have Your Customers Fall In Love With You”. Our Cactus Mailing staff has been researching and preparing to bring you fresh and insightful content. Joe McAtee, Cactus Mailing’s Marketing Consultant will be kicking it off.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, not only should you be thinking of creative ways of making your significant other fall in love with you, but also ideas for making your customers fall in love with you. Here are three important things to think about during the sales process –

1) Listen to them: listening to your customers will not only help you provide the best level of service but will also show that you care about their needs.

2) Build Trust: trust is the cornerstone for all relationships. If your customer trusts you they will be more open to your suggestions about the products or services they should buy from you.

3) Show your appreciation: Small gestures of appreciation like an upgraded service, personalized thank you note, discount for a future order or follow up call to make sure they are happy go a long way in showing a customer that you appreciate them and their business.

Doing these things will help build long-term relationships with your customers and hopefully create that business love connection!

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