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Cracking the Code Behind Finding the Best Postcard Marketing Services Out There

You’ve done your research. You’ve talked to other business owners. You’ve determined that postcards are the way to go to market your business. The one thing you know for sure is that you’ll need help to do it right. But looking for the best postcard marketing services out there is making you feel more like Indiana Jones than a business owner.

What’s the secret to finding the right company to help you? Let’s crack the code.

Clue #1: Experience.

Look for a company that is well-established. Years of experience means they have hands-knowledge of what works best for postcard marketing. Longevity indicates stability, too. You want the best and want to know they’re in it for the long haul, just like you.

Of course you want a company whose experience has demonstrably benefited their clients. The best postcard marketing services have a strong track record of success, and they should be happy to provide you with references you can talk to.

Clue #2: Experience working with businesses like yours.

Extensive knowledge of postcard marketing is a minimum requirement. You should want and expect more. The best postcard marketing services company will be one that knows your industry. With that type of experience, they can readily understand your business-specific challenges, and they know the types of prospects you need to target to build your business.

You won’t waste time educating them about what you do, nor will they be inclined to make recommendations that misfire.

Clue #3: Comprehensive services.

The last thing you want is to work with several different vendors – one for creative design, another for printing, another to source your mailing list, yet another to sort and prep your mailing. That’s too much confusion and inconvenience, and with all those players you’re bound to see delays and errors due to miscommunication. It could cost more, too.

The best postcard marketing services offer a comprehensive range of assistance options, all with a single point of contact. They will have skilled staff to guide you through every step of your postcard marketing process, ensuring efficiency, quality and timeliness. Those are all crucial factors for successful marketing.

A full-service company can handle every detail of your design and production so nothing slips through the cracks, including ensuring your mailings are properly coordinated so you pay the lowest possible postage rate.

You don’t have to hire them to do everything, but realistically, why wouldn’t you? The less time you have to spend on the mechanics of your postcard marketing, the more time you can devote to your existing customers or clients or patients and to building your business in other ways.

Clue #4: Focus on you.

A company that stresses customization is on your side. The best postcard marketing services always do that. Along with verifiable experience working with businesses like yours, they should be able to help you create unique-to-you postcards that professionally represent your business, make you stand out clearly from your competitors and compel your prospects to respond.

The companion piece to customized design and targeting is personalized service. Your business is important to you, and it should be obviously important to them, too. Any direct mail company that wants to plug you into some other client’s marketing formula or offers the “convenience” of one-size-fits-all mailings isn’t doing you any favors. You’ll get watered-down results instead of the excellent response you deserve.

You’re looking for a long-term marketing partner, so insist on a company that will give you the time and attention you need to produce superior postcards, targeting, production and results. Repeatedly.

Cracking the code behind finding the best postcard marketing services out there is like a treasure hunt. When you find the right company to partner with, you’ll have found a marketing gold mine.

photo credit: Images_of_Money via photopin cc

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