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Could a Top Quality Postcard Marketing Service increase my sales?

Most small businesses owners who use postcard marketing are very excited about the response they get. But have you ever wondered if your results could be even better? Enlisting the help of a top quality postcard marketing service can boost the power of your campaigns so you get more leads, better-qualified leads and more sales.

They’re the experts when it comes to direct mail marketing. They can work with you to evaluate what you’ve been doing so far, using their practiced, professional eyes. That fresh perspective can be especially profitable, because you may find you’re simply too close to your own marketing to correctly pinpoint where you could improve or upgrade.

Look for postcard marketing services that have the knowledge and experience to give you across-the-board assistance with your direct mail, beyond printing postcards and delivering them to the post office. The right company can review and recommend improvements for every key element of your postcard marketing process.

The details of your postcard design.

  • Headline – do yours instantly grab and hold the reader’s attention?
  • Offer – changing your offer could make a big difference in your response and conversion rates.
  • Supporting text – are you telling prospects how they’ll benefit from doing business with you, or just giving them a list of features?
  • Call to action – do you specify a limited quantity or expiration date that spurs fast action?

Your graphic design should pull it all together cohesively and ensure each element is doing its part to capture your prospect’s attention and motivate them to respond. But all that could be nullified if your postcards are flimsy or the print quality isn’t crisp and clear. Your message may say your business is the best, but if the look and feel of your postcard says otherwise, what will people think?

Your mailing lists.

Whether you’re using lists generated in-house or purchasing mailing lists from an outside source, they won’t generate great results if they aren’t entirely up-to-date, accurate and carefully targeted to reach only the most relevant prospects for each marketing campaign.

A top quality postcard marketing service can help you make better use of your customer lists, designing and implementing specialized campaigns, such as those aimed at generating more referrals or winning back lapsed patients or customers. And they can guide you toward the most effective demographics when you’re looking to purchase customized lists.

Mailing preparation.

Are you sure you’re getting the lowest possible postage rates? And how much time are you spending sorting and prepping your mailings? A comprehensive postcard marketing service can handle all the administrative work for you, ensuring your mailing is completed quickly and off to the post office, so it will get into your prospects’ hands as soon as possible. This work can be tedious and time-consuming, and it’s also more complex that it may seem, leaving you vulnerable to costly mistakes. Every cent you save directly improves the return on your marketing investment.

Call tracking.

Getting a great response to your postcard marketing is just the first step. You have to convert those folks into buyers, and that’s a more sophisticated process than simply answering the phone. Are your people inadvertently allowing some leads slip through your hands?

Your postcard professionals can show you how to use special phone numbers for easier tracking. And they can set you up with a system to monitor sales conversations and even record calls. That way you can identify ways to improve training to secure more conversions. You can also track which days and times of day generate the heaviest response.

Forget that cliché “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” It’s bad business advice, because the only way your business will grow is through continuous evaluation and improvement. A postcard marketing service can help you do both, so you can see more response and increase your sales.

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