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Church Marketing FAQ: When Should I Send Out Christmas Event Mailings?

Soon! You need to send out your church’s Christmas event mailings soon. Postcard marketing can be created and delivered in relatively short order, but not overnight. And you want to give people plenty of advance notice, so they can mark your Christmas event on their calendar before some other activity gets there first.

You can use email to let members of your congregation know your holiday event schedule, and you can reinforce that with announcements during worship services, study group meetings and so on. But you want to attract a broader audience. Your Christmas event is an ideal time to invite non-members within your community to attend and, hopefully, learn more about your church.

Christmas postcards also provide gentle reminders to infrequent attendees that your church remains open to them at this religiously important time. Drawing them back into the fold now can encourage them to join you more often in the new year.

To generate maximum event attendance, you’ll want to send several church postcards.

Ideally, you want people to receive your first Christmas postcards at least three weeks in advance of the event date (or the earliest date, if your event is a performance that will be presented multiple times). Then you should send two or three repeat mailings – the same postcard to the same recipients – one week apart.

Using a recipient (or “occupant”) mailing list that covers your church’s entire service area will ensure the maximum number of households receive your postcard invitations.

Larger size postcards allow you to expand your message.

Any beautiful Christmas-themed postcard is appropriate and welcome this time of year. However, your goal is to promote your event, so the content of your postcard should focus on that –the “what, when and where” elements and the “who” if your event is aimed at a particular age group.

Include relevant convenience factors such as parking availability or child care, if the event itself isn’t for children. You may want to include a locator map, since your goal is to draw community residents who don’t normally visit your church. With the right image or two, your postcard will instantly grab attention and interest from your recipients and assure they read further to learn the details.

Don’t forget to include all your church’s contact information, in case prospective event attendees have questions about the event or other church activities.

Large (5.5 x 8.5 inches) or jumbo (6 x 11 inches) postcards are visual standouts in the mailbox, even at this time of year when people tend to receive more mail from friends and relatives. By choosing one of these larger sizes, you’ll not only ensure maximum eye-appeal to promote your Christmas event, you may have some extra room to include your holiday worship schedule or a note about other seasonal fellowship activities.

Reaching out to your audience in multiple ways gives your postcard more opportunities to resonate with each recipient.

Using church marketing to invite the entire community to a special event is a friendly, non-threatening way to introduce your church to prospective new members. You know there are individuals out there who are new in town and looking for a church, who may be thinking about changing churches or who are looking to make a lifestyle or spiritual change. But you don’t know who they are. Your Christmas postcards may deliver just the message of hope and welcome someone is looking for.

There is a lot going on this time of year, and people are undoubtedly looking forward to your special event. Don’t let them down by waiting till the last minute to get your church marketing in the mail. Call your direct mail company right away, to get started on a custom-designed postcard that will deliver the right look and feel for your ministry and event.

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