Cactus Mailing is jumping on the Social Media Bandwagon!

We are excited to say we are “ON” social media. This is a scary prospect because we know a lot about direct mailing and design but we are not so confident with social media. So why are we doing it? Because that is where our customers and future customers are. After 10 years we want to always be evolving and remain relevant in not only our industry but to our customers. That is one of the main reasons we started our blog.

We want you to know this will be a win-win proposition. While we make our way, we will be looking for you online too. If we find you on Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest, rest assured we will start following you. We will also spread the word about your company. We so value you and your confidence in Cactus Mailing that we want to constantly figure out ways to give back to you.

We have learned using social media for our business has many benefits. Not only can we build our brand awareness but we can also build our customers brand awareness. Win-Win right? We have witnessed companies building trust through open communication. A value we here at Cactus Mailing take very seriously. If we can offer more channels to communicate with our customers, then we are going to do it.

You can find us directly through the links below. Stop by, and say hello, and make sure to let us know where we can find you online.

Cactus Mailing Company on Facebook

Cactus Mailing Company on Google+

Cactus Mailing Company on Pinterest

We look forward to connecting with you there!

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