Business Marketing Ideas: What Type Of Direct Mail Advertising Gets The Best Response?

You can send a number of different types of mailings to prospects and existing customers to market your business. You’ve no doubt received direct mail advertising in the form of lengthy sales letters or catalogs replete with photos of everything from flowers to apparel to sporting goods. But the type of direct mail advertising that generates truly outstanding response for small and local businesses is postcard marketing.

Postcards have it all. They’re compact yet spacious enough to deliver your business marketing message with impact. They stand out in your recipient’s mailbox. They have personality. People are naturally attracted to postcards because they’re just so visually appealing. And postcard marketing works, which is why it’s been a local business advertising staple for decades.

You can capitalize on all these traits to:

  • Build your customer base. Every business needs an ongoing source of new customers in order to grow and become more profitable.
  • Increase sales to existing customers and strengthen loyalty. Smart business owners know long-term sustainability depends on a strong population of repeat customers.
  • Promote your business seasonally or advertise special events. As valuable as postcards are to develop ongoing new business, they are also ideal for short-term advertising campaigns.
  • Win back former customers you haven’t seen in a while. Every business has them.

How can you do that?

  1. Choose the right size postcard. You can use the standard size – 4×6 inches – or choose larger 5.5×8.5 inch or jumbo 6×11 inch postcards. Of course, the bigger the postcard the more obvious it will be among your prospect’s mail, but you can comfortably fit a surprising amount of information and enticement on smaller sizes.

Multiple images, multiple offers or more informational content dictates you’ll want a larger size, but avoid the temptation to cram too much onto your postcard. The most successful direct mail advertising makes a few key points about your business and includes an offer that compels prospects to respond. It’s not a brochure or an infomercial.

Successful postcards contain these elements:

  • Great visuals and use of color.
  • Attention-grabbing headline.
  • Bullet points about the benefits of using your business.
  • Motivating, limited offer.
  • Clear call to action.
  • Multiple forms of contact information.
  1. Make it bold. In addition to superior size and shape compared to other types of mail, postcards stand out with their “total presence.” Everyone can instantly take note of your headline and other visual elements that draw them in and make them want to read more. No envelope that looks suspiciously like a bill, nothing to open. Your name and marketing message immediately go to work on your behalf.
  1. Make it your own. Direct mail advertising on postcards can be bold and colorful, fun or serious. But it always conveys a sense of your business personality. That’s important because no matter what you do or sell, you probably have competition. People will choose the business that makes them feel most comfortable and confident, and your personality and style are key factors in establishing that rapport.

If you’re a doctor or dentist or in another “hands on” field this can be the tipping point for prospects. But intangibles affect your prospect’s perception whether your business is a restaurant, retail store, a school, church or some type of homeowner service.

And did we mention postcard marketing works?

For many small businesses postcards are their primary or sole means of promotion, because done right, it can be tremendously successful. Direct mail advertising that’s timely, relevant and offers a special value gets the best response. Talk to the experts at your direct mail marketing service to learn about how postcards can do all that for your business.

photo credit: woodleywonderworks via photopin cc

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