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Best Mobile Apps of 2013 – Cactus Mailing’s Top Picks

Before we leave the past year, let us do a quick check of the mobile apps that made 2013 extra special. Our year special. We will list the best mobile apps of 2013 categorically based on what worked for us and maybe for you as well. They may not necessarily be the “million dollar apps” but these apps sure made a name for themselves during the past year. You may be into social media marketing, direct mail marketing, or just a simple Joe but you may have heard or used these apps at one point.

Best Entertainment Apps of 2013


A certified web 2.0 veteran, Digg decided to reinvent itself in 2013. With the new Digg app, you can now receive social updates and serve up blog posts plus videos on demand. The timing couldn’t have been any better as Google decided to close its Google Reader RSS service.

Band of the Day

This award winning app for the iOS revolutionized the idea of “band discovery”. By focusing or giving the spotlight on a specific band or artist daily, Band of the Day app users are given the chance to discover unknown names in the music scene. A win-win situation for the artists and the listener.

Top Social Media Tools of 2013


2013 saw the release of Twitter’s tablet native app. Although there are better social media tools available to users for Twitter such as Seesmic, the tablet native app deserves a spot on our list for being there when everybody needed it.

WordPress for Android

Not exactly an app for social media but with the very blurred lines separating blogging and social media marketing nowadays, we decided to include WordPress for Android in the list. Originally a separate project by wpToGo, WordPress took a liking to it and decided to buy it.

Best Productivity Apps of 2013


Just as soon as Dropbox released their Android app, we knew what would happen next – Evernote. Being able to stash all your notes, voice memos, and everything else on your phone to be checked later made everything else easier for the busy individual. It even made social media marketing or direct mail marketing easier for the experts.


What better way to get your team affairs in order than to use a cloud based app that focuses on file collaboration. Quip provided just that to its users in 2013.

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