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Avoid These 5 Fatal Mistakes When Engaging in Postcard Marketing

Postcard marketing can bring a significant boost to your business. But not if you make fatal mistakes that drive people to the trash bin rather than to your door. Fortunately, you can easily avoid costly slip-ups simply by understanding what works for postcard marketing and what doesn’t for postcard marketing.

If you’re new to postcards, you’ll want to be aware of these five common first-timer blunders, so you can avoid them:

1. Sending your mailing to the wrong audience.

In any type of direct mail marketing, your mailing list is one of the most important factors in determining the success of your campaign and your return on investment. Precision is the key. The right list is carefully selected — populated with prospects you know are already interested in your business, in your products or services, or in shopping locally.

For businesses whose products or services have very broad appeal, however, saturation mailing – to all the residents in a specific area – can be extremely effective. This type of mailing also qualifies for one of the lowest possible postage rates, giving you an even higher ROI.

2. Forgetting to proofread.

A mailing that contains misspelled words or grammatical mistakes says nothing positive about your business. If you don’t care, why should potential customers? Ask someone who didn’t create your content to do the proofreading for you. Otherwise, it’s too easy to see what you expect rather than what’s there.

And pay special attention to your contact information. If your web address or phone number are wrong, you won’t get any response at all from your mailing.

3. Overwhelming people with too much content.

Postcard space is limited. A visually busy presentation looks messy and creates confusion. Instead of focusing on your message and call to action, people will simply look away. And throw away. You’ve just lost a potential sale and possibly a customer for life.

Instead, keep it short and to the point. An attention-grabbing headline that stands out so clearly you can literally read it in the blink of the eye. Action verbs rather than fluffy adjectives that take up space and can actually turn people off. “What’s in it for them” benefits listed as bullet points so they’re easy to read. Clear instruction on what to do next – call your office, visit your website, etc. — so readers can quickly and easily take advantage of your offer. And don’t forget your contact information so they can follow up.

4. Only sending one postcard.

A single mailing should produce some sales, but experienced direct mail marketers know that repeatedly sending the same postcard to the same list generates the best results, with increasing response from each subsequent mailing. Repetition is important, because it reinforces your name and message in people’s minds.

5. Failure to get professional assistance.

Postcard marketing can seem relatively simple, but it won’t work for you if you don’t get the details right. Even if you aren’t new to postcard marketing, getting professional help from direct mail experts can significantly improve your results. The pros know what works and what doesn’t, based on their industry knowledge and their experience with business customers like you.

A direct mail expert can give you quality, reliable advice about every aspect of postcard marketing, from effective postcard design and choosing offers that draw the best response to mailing list selection. They can help ensure your mailing is properly prepared and sorted and that you’re getting the lowest possible postal rates, so you get the best return on your marketing investment.

Instead of making potentially fatal mistakes, your campaigns will be profitable right from the start.

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